1 in 3 games is a Flappy Bird clone

After the news came out that the popular IOS game, Flappy Bird, was going to be removed from the App Store, developers then saw an opportunity to be able to possibly make their own version/clone of the game.

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Anon19742183d ago

Just released a new game to Android this weekend and looking at the charts couldn't believe how many Flappy Bird clones are clogging it up. Unbelievable. I guess integrity doesn't pay the bills for indies...

BradR2183d ago

I know. I guess people are just seizing the opportunity.

Are you an Android developer?

Anon19742183d ago

Android/iOS and just starting to move into console development. We've been mobile devs for a couple of years but the market isn't what it used to be for indies. Big guys are throwing around obscene amounts of money now, but the payoff is certainly there for them so I can't really blame them.

alti2182d ago

what's the name of your game?

Anon19742182d ago

It's a puzzle game called Vex Puzzles. Free, ad supported and full versions available. We didn't think initially that doing puzzle games would be overly complicated and then my guys ended up working on it famn near a full year, full time (although my main programmer took a month off for vacation last month which pushed the launch back a bit). Just polishing up the iOS, Amazon and Samsung App store versions before on to the next game. I'm on PR duty at the moment for the next couple of weeks. Not nearly as much fun as working on the actual game.

BadlyPackedKeebab2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Yeah ditto a few weeks ago!

Pick any clone on droid and you are looking at 0.5 million downloads+

When I get to 100 I will be chuffed!!!

edit: Yup let us know where to find it, would love to check it out!

The_KELRaTH2182d ago

Some of the graphics are abysmal, I'd prefer to play the original one's from the Atari 8bit/C64 days.

GentlemenRUs2182d ago

Okay now there is way too much... Google should start denying them due to duplicates.

vibrazy2180d ago

Hi All, my app got released yesterday on the App Store.

It's called Tap the Poo.

Very funny clone of Flappy Bird.