Upcoming Improvements To The Netcode In Battlefield 4 - Dice Explains

Dice is continuesly improving the overall netcode in battlefield 4. Battlefield 4 developers DICE explains to us what they are doing to address the netcode problems.

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JoGam2185d ago

It they can fix that annoying rubber banding it would be fantastic.

Idba2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Agreed. Just got ps4 and bf4 looking forward to conquest large 64 player servers, but I'm getting an unbelievable amount of rubberbanding. Now I'm limited to rush, obliteration and domination :(

hello122185d ago

I don't get why people care for Conquest so much its only alright.

Rush is by far the best gametype. I wish more gametypes were like it.

venom062185d ago

I applaud Dice for focusing on this, despite the fact that NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO/FIX, this so called community will still bitch,whine and complain and say that it isn't fixed. Dice is really in a no win situation.

thezeldadoth2185d ago

my favorite game type is factually better than your favorite game type

mochachino2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

In Obliteration at least people kinda of look like they're trying to win and not just rack up kills.

frostypants2185d ago

@KNWS: Because Conguest IS Battlefield. It is the original mode and it is the core of the game. Every other mode is an alternate.

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Paulie_gualtieri2185d ago

Yeah it's unplayable at times.Especially in a heli/jet.
I've never been in a love/hate relationship with a game so much lol

It's amazing when it works, and blood pressure raising when it doesn't.

Detoxx2185d ago

Glad I dont suffer from rubber banding.

1nsomniac2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

It only ever happens to me when my PS4 is updating a game in the background - Which to me indicates its mostly related to bandwidth issue.

Detoxx2185d ago

Why disagree with me?

I seriously DONT suffer from rubber banding.

Ninjamonkey822185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

@Detoxx When it comes to BF4 all you will find are complaints mate. You can have the best experience in the world and people won't believe you.

Someones 2 disconnects from a game today will have cost him some tickets and the world has gone to crap for him. Personally i don't get many issues with the PC version.

I had a lot off issues early with the PS4 version but I've now set it to find only European servers and i play only conquest large. I still get lag that's just normal on the servers but as the updates have been rolling out things have seemed to be getting better.

There has never been a point though that if my PS4 version crashed in the early days that i didn't just fire it up again and go back in and then it was domination for mostly Conquest was unavailable.

People will bitch hence even my post will see disagrees but that's there given right ain't it and tbh how gives a .....

ion6662185d ago

Yeah man ,I could deal with everthing else but dat rubber banding, It makes me rage quit.

ArchangelMike2185d ago

Obliteration all the way baby!!!!

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stanr2185d ago

Hope it fixs the bugs

Mister_G2185d ago

Single player on PS4 is fixed, I've completed the entire campaign without a single crash.

Not checked the on-line side recently, but never had a problem with that part of the game, it's always been good for me.

BeardedPriest2185d ago

I know i won't be buying the next DICE Game

Detoxx2185d ago

Good for you.

I'll be enjoying Star Wars: Battlefront.

ion6662185d ago

I'm with you dude, At least their not gearbox. COUGH*(Alien colonial marines)*COUGH


Can't even play the second assault maps most of the time because of no sound.

Detoxx2185d ago

No sound?

Haven't heard of this since BF3.

Utalkin2me2185d ago

All the way up until patch before last. I had no sound at all in CQ maps. Then they fixed it and now when i first join a TDM match i have no sound until the next map.

Detoxx2185d ago

You're talking rubbish.

2 patches ago a problem was introduced (No sound with TDM), that has been fixed already.

There was always sound on CQ with BF4.

Utalkin2me2185d ago

You're talking rubbish, why are you in such defense mode over this game? You know yourself the game has so many bugs and problems it's kind of embarrassing to be honest.

I said soon as the fixed the no sound in CQ mode it introduced no sound in TDM, which has seemed to be fixed by latest patch. I still get constant hung at the black loading screen all the time. Thats why i quit playing the game and moving forward on better games. Might come back to it one day who knows, but probably not.

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