Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Demo Weekend Kicks Off Friday March 7th on Xbox Live

For the first time in Call of Duty® history, Activision and Infinity Ward, in partnership with Xbox, will be hosting a free Call of Duty®: Ghosts multiplayer demo on Xbox Live this coming weekend.

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GraveLord2188d ago

Wow. I guess this is nice if you didn't buy the game last year.

If you try the game, here's a tip: THE DOG IS THE BEST KILL-STREAK EVER. Seriously, it's got your back and gets revenge for you.

Good luck.

ftwrthtx2188d ago

Why didn't they do this across ALL platforms last year? Probably would have helped them make a bundle more.

TomShoe2188d ago

Ranting time! Don't buy this game.

It's 1 of only 2 games where I can honestly say that I've wasted my money. Maybe it was my high expectations after Black Ops II was so great, but I knew I got suckered out of my $60 after the first 15 minutes of game time.

Everything is colored bland and the maps are as large and disorganized as unholy hell, making it easier than ever to stand in one spot and shoot people as they walk past. The guns don't feel lifelike like they did in Black Ops II, and the TTK is so low, you can't even react to getting shot at. The point-streaks and the perk/attachment systems over-complicated things, and ruined the formula that was improved in previous games. I find myself dying more to dogs and squad members than to actual players. This game is not fun to play, and it's not fun to watch. It's just a dull, frustrating waste of time and energy, period. I find myself playing BOII more than this train wreck. I hope people play this demo so they can see how far Infinity Ward has fallen.

*deep breath*

End rant.

Eonjay2188d ago

Something tells me this has something to do with TitanFall

Pillsbury12188d ago

They should just start selling the multiplayer seperately for ~20$. That's all most people play anyways.

meatnormous2188d ago

When titanfall succeeds, we will see more multi player only games. The price I really doubt will change.

TomShoe2188d ago


Activision will never do that because money.

s8anicslayer2188d ago

In that case Titanfall should be $20 as well since it's multilayer only...not going to happen!

dazzrazz2188d ago

Question is why would they do that when they know this garbage is gonna sell at $60 plus another $50 for dlc every 12 months !

Master-H2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Who even plays Cod Ghosts anymore, there are more people on Black Ops 2.
I'd rather play blops 2 even tho it's unbalanced as hell, or black ops 1, or cod4, or even take my chances against crazy aimbots/modders/infiniteHealth /flying dudes on WAW than play crappy ass boring Ghosts tbh.

s8anicslayer2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

I think ghost shouldn't of had happened, Honestly I preferred Treyarch's offerings of COD any ways and 2013 is a punch in the gut to Activision to put their guard up cause there are more hungry competition out there! Or some with a vendetta ala Respawn who have something they want to prove!

Pillsbury12188d ago

I fired up MW1 for nostalgia and I forgot how much fun that game is. We need more of what made cod so great, not this rehashed crap.

Arty842188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

that's activision for ya they always the cod demos months after a games releases

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