'PS4 defied expectations in Japan'

PS4 launched in Japan, but just how big was it? Marketing and consulting chief Ricky Tanimoto of video game giant Famitsu and Enterbrain explains all to MCV.

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Neonridr2179d ago

I'm a little confused at that title. If the PS4 defied expectations and only managed to sell a few thousand more than the Wii U at launch, then were they honestly expecting it to sell worse than Nintendo's latest console?

Abash2179d ago

The Wii U is cheaper and launched during the holiday season, the more expensive PS4 launching outside the holiday season was probably expected to do not as well. Also, the PS3 is still selling strong over there while the Wii was pretty much dead by the Wii U launch over there.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2178d ago

uh cause the Wii only had DQX. Nintendo console span 5-6 years after that nothing more. Sony want 10 years.

MightyNoX2178d ago

Abash hit it on the head. Wii U's release coincided with the Holidays, PS4 did not. Pulling those numbers at this time IS an impressive feat. Bubbles for an intelligent post.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

even still. Wii U had less games and only three charting at launch. Mario Bros U, Nintendo Land and MH3G.

as now it has a total of 65 retail and digital only games released in japan excluding VC.

XabiDaChosenOne2178d ago

And who's problem is that?

fenome2178d ago

They sold out all the ones they shipped for Japan. They sent them conservative numbers, but still. They can't sell more than they ship ya know?

Japan's a tricky market for consoles. I know it's Sony's home-base, but they still have to test the waters with an expensive new console. Plus It wasn't a holiday release over there, so it actually did quite well.

pyramidshead2178d ago

Abash has definitely hit the home run there but then there's also the shift to handhelds. Everyone thought console gaming was officially dead in Japan. The amount the PS4 has sold during the specific period is incredibly encouraging even if it isn't groundbreaking.

Like say it could have bombed and sold less than 100K lol

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XiSasukeUchiha2178d ago

Is amazing how much PS4 dominates in Japan, with the Wii U keeping up there, Xbox's existence there is nile than the nile river.

Austacker2178d ago

The fact that Microsoft barely lift a finger to support non US/Euro markets might have something to do with that.

Nekroo912178d ago

wait wait EU?! all the xbox features are non existent in here unless you live in UK. Why do you think that the ps3 still sells more consoles than the x1 in EU?!

ELpork2178d ago

The guy in that photo is straight up shocked.

Killzoner992178d ago

PS4 defied expectations across the world * fixed
It's really no surprise , we've known since the reveal that it was the ultimate console. Sony has been nothing but honest with everything PS4 and the gamers appreciate that and support Sony for it. Microsoft should have followed Sony's lead but it's way too late now.

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