PlayStation 4 Sold Mainly To University Students In Japan

The PlayStation 4 was released in Japan on February 22nd, and sold 309,154 units in its opening weekend. Japanese sales tracker Media Create breaks that figure down further in their latest report.

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Chaostar2182d ago

Japans total university grade point average is about to drop significantly :)

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2182d ago

Probably not. They don't play the same sort of games NA and EU play. And there's definitely gonna be a lack of quality offerings due to that for the next year at least.

WeAreLegion2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Scroll over Chaostar's avatar.

Edit: @Killzoner99 - Come on, man...

Killzoner992182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Sorry but no. Unlike the one tract minds of certain Western countries , the average Japanese student is able game while also thriving in their studies. It boils down to simple time management. The fact that so many Japanese University students own the PS4 says more about the PS4's demographic than anything else. Mainly that PS4 owners are educated , informed and intelligent people. The question is what does that say about the demographic of the other consoles lol.

Baccra172182d ago

Nah, probably using them to pilot their mechs.

worldwidegaming2182d ago

Japan university students do not study much. The entrance exams are harder than the class work in college!

Tapani2182d ago

You are absolutely right. It's their only "free" time in their lives (excluding retirement), before they are required to succumb into the stressful daily working life.

C-H-E-F2182d ago

Yeah from a 5.0 to a 4.8 MOFO'S OVER THERE ARE GENIUSES smh... but I wonder if the ps4 came out around the same time as their refund checks... haha that'd be smart as heck I know I would do that if I released a console "PS4" xmas and refund check time.

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XiSasukeUchiha2182d ago

The future they know the PS4 will be successful

SmokingMonkey2182d ago

Crazy, something marketed to people between the ages of 18-35? Crazy! /s

iamnsuperman2182d ago

If it is anything like us and they get student loans I am not surprised. Student life is great. Get loan. Have money which you blow quickly. Then eat incredibly poorly and cheaply for 3 years. Drink cheapest alcohol you can find then splash on the non essentials as soon as the new loan comes through.

worldwidegaming2182d ago

No real loans. They pay out of pocket for high school and up! Japan is mostly a middle class society.

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The story is too old to be commented.