Strider Review – Plasma Scarves and Robo-Panthers | Twinfinite

Terrence from Twinfinite writes: "HD reboots are a common species these day, yielding varied results. Oftentimes it seems that developers focus on trying to modernize the wrong parts of the game. Developer Double Helix has however focused all their energy into perfecting this Capcom classic in all the best ways. Strider takes the already strong mechanics from the original while also changing the overall format for the better."

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2182d ago
Alucardx032182d ago

I don't even think Double Helix would give this game a 5/5

toddybad2182d ago

Got this yesterday and it is pretty damn fantastic. I agree with the article completely, which must be a first! If you liked the way Resogun brought shoot 'em ups into the modern world, then this is the whatever-you-call-this-genre equivalent.

DaleCooper2182d ago

Loving this game so far. Not sure why I've been seeing less than stellar reviews for it. It controls great, looks great, and is just plain fun. I think this article gets it right on.

Maybe because I wasn't into Strider back in the old days, so I had no expectations when trying out this new one. It's definitely worth the 15 bucks.