Will PS3 wipe Xbox 360 into the dust in Japan?

With stocks of the PS3 sold out before noon in at least one Japanese store, Sony's next-gen assault on the near US $30 billion gaming market has launched with the shock and awe only the US Military was thought capable of.

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TheXgamerLive4455d ago

Hmmm, lets see, Japan w/an almost 1 billion population sold out of it's 80,000 to 100,000 ps3's by noon or so, wow, riveting content. Sad, this isn't news worthy nor was the rest of the story.
Not using the gray matter, the cerebrum, are we?

Karibu4455d ago

why x360 sells so great there...

kmis874455d ago

There are only 125 million or so people in Japan. You're thinking of China.

Bhai4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

Hey XGamer ! take that X out of your life and you'll just start behaving normal again. I've seen people do that, and now they're doing just fine !

TheXgamerLive4453d ago

your correct, but I was just going with the flow of things.

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Ravenator5294454d ago

We obviously know that the PS3 will fair better than the 360 in Japan.

But you would have to be a complete moron to think that a company that sold 140 million PS2 units would'nt sell 80,000 delayed launch units.

Hmmm. I wonder if the 300,000 - 400,000 North America units will sell out? I think so!

potato4454d ago

300,000 - 400,000 North America units will sell out.but most of them will be resell on ebay,people buy ps3 to make money not play games !!!

lalaland4454d ago

Well... Somebody must be buying them to keep them and they must be pretty desperate to get them, or else they would certainly be a hard sell on eBay... So what exactly was your point again?

potato4454d ago

I wonder if they can make any money this time,the real demand might not be so high if there are lots ps3 available that's the point.

DC RID3R4454d ago

can sony's bank account last another year?!

by this time next year nintendo will be looking down on sony, when it comes to dollars!!!

the price of r+d for the ps3 has really taken its toll on sony's bank accounts.

and i can definately see a "sega" happening over there soon!!

the funny thing is though, the MORE ps3's sony sells the MORE money they lose. that's NOT great business planning.

lalaland4454d ago

They are still as a company making loads of money... No need to worry about them...

THWIP4454d ago

No they aren't. Sony has lost money, at an alarming rate, for the past few years. Sony Pictures is the only are they've really seen a profit...and that has no bearing on the electronics division AT ALL.

Shadow4454d ago

That SONY is in the middle of a reorganization, the fact that it hasn't been reporting more losses is indicative of the vitality of the company.

lalaland4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

Sony are expecting group profits of 80 billion yen or US$673 million for the fiscal year through March 2007.

They are making loads of money, even though they've had a really tough year with losses in their PS division (because of PS3 R&D) and hefty battery recalls. Read more at:

Stop spreading FUDD please...

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OutLaw4454d ago

Look the system is out and now it's time for Sony to show everybody why is the PS3 worth every penny.

This guy talks about the PS3 and probably never even saw one.

THAMMER14454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

I check you people’s profiles and you are from the U.K. or the US.

So what is going on here is PS3 feeling the heat in the hometown where they live or your own back yard. And you start screaming what about Japan. WTF.

Lets just be real here O.K.

If my boss asks me why can I not sell acc. to a certain demographic of consumers I'm not going say well we are doing well in Japan because that would make me look dumb and I would lose credibility as a source for good advice. The only way that would be a creditable answer to his question would be if he did not know that area was brand loyal to my bank and my efforts or our team’s effort made that change possible.

I do not think Japans choices will make me enjoy my 360 or PS3 any more or any less because IT DOSE NOT MATTER if you do not live there.

This article is spam all together News week is not normaly this lame.

Shadow4454d ago

The reason Sony fans bring-up Japan so much is because there's quite a few Japanese game developers IN Japan. Essentially, whichever consoles do well in Japan, end-up with a horde of Japanese games, some of which can be translated and released in other regions. Without Japan, many games released on the PS1 wouldn't have become the mega-selling franchises they are today.

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