Microsoft's 19p oddity for Ryse Son of Rome DLC

Is Microsoft trying to squeeze the most out of its customers or is it simple currency conversion for Ryse Son Of Rome's unusual pricing?

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Volkama2184d ago

*Grabs popcorn*

I'm certainly not expecting this to be a hot topic, I'm just hungry. I don't think anybody cares about 20p, the price is the price and if you deem the content worth buying it's what you pay.

Oner2184d ago

"I don't think anybody cares about 20p" ~ Really? I have to disagree because they sure did during last gen comparisons. Now "nobody cares"? Funny how that works.

Volkama2184d ago

Eh? This article is about English currency, not pixels :|

Oner2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

LMFAO ~ Whoops! Now that's funny. My apologies & I shall now take the flogging I deserve ;P

Edit: The really funny thing is that a few people agreed with me! Does that mean they misunderstood as well and thought the same? Or something else? LoL

nohopeinc2184d ago

Thank you for this article author. It was he most revealing and thought provoking article I have ever read. Next time consider breaking this epic read into multiple pages so I can take breaks in between pages. Thank you oh mighty creator of valued content, all hail the author.

IanVanCheese2184d ago

What's this? I seem to have stumbled upon some dry wood and gasoline.

Gamer6662184d ago

The same could be said for Sony in Canada. At Best Buy, Titanfall is on pre-order and will set Canadians back $59.99. Link to X1 pre-order pricing:

But infamous is $69.99... Link to PS4 pre-order pricing:

In fact, all of Sony's exclusives are listing for $69.99 and all Microsoft's exclusives are all listed at $59.99. While most (not all) cross platform games are still listed at $59.99...

The funny thing is that I only paid $69.99 when the CDN dollar was 70 to 80 cents US. With the CDN dollar hovering in the 90 cent range this does not make any sense. I could understand $64.99. but $69.99 is blatantly taking advantage of their market position in Canada and same with 3rd party publishers that have their games at $69.99. I will not support any company that charges Canadians $69.99 for a game until the CDN dollar falls to below 80 cents US.

Other gamers should do the same.

worldwidegaming2184d ago

Woah! Thats a "no buy" in my book.