Battlefield 4 plagued by lag and rubber-banding

After the latest patch, the game has been plagued by rubber-banding and network issues, especially on the PS4.

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swishersweets200312183d ago

games been plagued by lag and rubber-banding and frame drop issues since October.

Derekvinyard132182d ago

I returned it got every penny back. Im sorry for everybody who still has this, when it's to much to ask for a finished working product these days is where I draw the line with EA

Detoxx2182d ago

I never had rubber banding, since launch..

Shadonic2183d ago

Which is why i haven't been playing it

OutcastMosquito2182d ago

There is nothing wrong with the game now, so would you all quite bitching and moaning about problems that are no longer applicable?! So annoying hearing all this whining, grow up!

willie322182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

It's almost as annoying when people are in denial about it. I love BF4 and have played it to death. All too often the rubber banding/lag are huge issues. I have played it some nights and it worked perfectly. Others, however, the matches became unplayable. How many of you experienced these issues on Lansing Dam or Hanian Resort? Apparently there is something wrong if it happens more often than not on specific maps.

Detoxx2182d ago

Well I don't have these problems, and I know many others who don't have it either.

James Vanderbeek2182d ago

This game is awesome and addicting as hell but there are still a lot of issues with it. the annoying one for me is the sound not playing. i noticed though you just have to play through a match and it will start up. I get the rubberband thing too sometimes. not a lot but its there. A lot of times i feel the hit detection on the guns are off which is annoying as hell too. Grenades and claymores seem not to work sometimes too. game is buggy as hell but i still play it everyday. haha

Omegasyde2182d ago

When the round starts try not to do anything for the first 10 seconds. In fact, wait to deploy after the first 10 seconds.

I had this issue non stop, but now after not immediately deploying I no longer have the issue.

Plus it saves you a walk! :)

Omegasyde2182d ago

It's rubberbanding more than ever.

I think the EA servers are to blame due to memory allocation or over utilization. Knowing EA they are using "work arrounds" like restarting the virtual servers every 12 hours instead of adding more system resources i.e. RAM and Cores.

Then again, I know EA wants to make as much $ as possible and wants to resolve this issue so they can rent out servers to the public (ala BF3).

Minute Man 7212182d ago

They had a new update out today

Npugz72182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Rubber banding is so bad!

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