Thief shocks as it takes No.1 in UK Chart

Square Enix's new stealth adventure has took the No.1 spot in the UK Charts, even after critics were criticizing the game for being unfinished and lacking unique features. The game angered many fans who had been waiting eagerly for the release because the AI also seemed unfinished like most other parts of the game

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Kingthrash3602178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

people dont listen to critics much these days...don't know who's word to trust anymore...with services like twitch who needs them? just see for yourself and make a decision. money and hits have made most reviews useless.

i have taken a review seriously since i miss that mag.

moegooner882178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Have to agree, I purchased two games the past month, both rated around 65 on metacritic, and truth be told I am having a blast with them, would easily rate both a 9.

BradR2178d ago

I agree. I guess it's based on personal preference, but after seeing the game on Twitch and playing it myself, I was not impressed. The games story is poor, and the AI isn't the best.

PoSTedUP2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

im glad to see people enjoying the game, thats what matters. i remember the time where I would rent or buy a game just by looking at the back cover. reviews are someone elses standards, not mine. when it comes down to it: a good story is always a good thing, but i also like to just experience and immerse myself into the world presented and use my imagination. id deff get this when it drops in price.

starchild2177d ago

I had a similar experience lately with Thief and Castlevania Lords of Shadow. Lots of positive reviews, lots of negative reviews...but I happen to really like both games a lot.

Reviews honestly haven't meant much to me for a long time. They are like previews, I only read them to get objective facts about a game. I couldn't care less about some guy's personal subjective value judgement of a game.

With things like twitch and the whole "lets play" movement I can find out whether I will like a game just by watching it being played.

Do people choose their music, movies or books based on reviews? I sure as hell don't. I don't care what "critics" think about such things. And I don't care what they think about games either.

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Raf1k12178d ago

Glad the games doing fairly well. The game is better than many reviewers made it out to be and the series has the potential to be so much better. I hope to see a sequel as there aren't many proper stealth games around.

DanielGearSolid2177d ago

Nobody is shocked... Review scores barely effect sales

HappyWithOneBubble2177d ago

People are starting to understand that reviews are more opinions and less facts. I've played plenty of games with bad reviews and turned out to be better than I thought.

Then there's games like COD that get 90's which I believe are paid reviews. No way should a game with the same engine and no innovation get 90's yearly.

starchild2177d ago

Yeah I feel the same way.

Reviews could be more useful if they were more objective and less subjective.

Some people might scoff at that idea and say "reviews are just opinions, so they have to be subjective". To that I answer that reviews shouldn't be mere opinions. If they are just opinions then they can't be of much use to anybody else.

For example, if I said "I hated this game because it has monkeys in it. Don't buy it. 3/10." Then my opinion is basically worthless to everybody else. It's just a random emotional reaction somebody had to the game based on a very strange personal issue I have. I need to be able to communicate the core essence of a game without injecting my own bias and personal emotional baggage.

One of the most common types of bias and emotional baggage people have when doing reviews is their sense of entitlement and expectations. They criticize a game not based on its actual qualities as a game, but rather based on how much it deviates from some entitled sense of what they think the game should be.

Smitty20202177d ago

The only reason they are buying the game is because they are hungry for new game to play,

nirwanda2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Exactly publishers make Devs hit certain deadlines like Christmas and march for tax reasons and forget about potential lucrative months like Jan and Feb for Christmas money etc and summer for holiday period.

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