Battlefield 4 – DICE Outlines Incoming Improvements to “Netcode”

MP1st - Battlefield 4 developer DICE has a number of network updates in the works as the studio hopes to improve the game’s “netcode”.

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Majin-vegeta2188d ago

The game runs well for me other than the 1 shot 1 kill bug,Lag(Strangely enough its only on CQ and all other game modes it's buttery smooth),Instant death(Running and gettin shot into a rock -_-/).

Shadonic2188d ago

I've been running into rubber-banding and there's still that weapon reset issue happening. Also from that video on how the shooting mechanics and the netcode is, if that video is accurate ( some of it ive tested and actually run into the same issues) Then its still broken your just not noticing it or running into it much.

Mega242188d ago

The game is indeed broken, I really hate to see comments like the one you replied to, I got about 300hrs of gameplay, haven't played since jan, and just tried Second Assault, and it still clearly netcode issues, I just wish this wasn't the first battlefield I've stopped playing after 2 months. I just wish the Bad Company 2 day could comeback.

alexkoepp2188d ago

I have about 350 hours in the game, and I have never once complained about the net code. What we have here is a bunch of whiners, making up an issue that doesn't exist. Maybe a bunch of people have faulty hardware causing issues, everything works great over where I am.

Akuma072188d ago


Mate, you obviously don't know much about what 'netcode' is, or how it affects a game like battlefield. But it IS an issue. People don't have faulty hardware, just because YOU are willing to pass off issues and ignore them because you like the game doesn't mean everyone else are whiners.

Shadonic2188d ago

Alexkoepp trust me man, im not whining i'm merely stating the issues that ive run into that are ( as you have seen) wide spread and you are luckily outside of group of millions of players that do and have experienced this problem. Theres evidence all around the net and on youtube and honestly if it was some cockamamy koo koo for co co puffs imagination wouldnt you think that Dice would instead give out detailed explanations for why were wrong instead of going along and fixing the obvious issues. I literally just came from the game 2 hours ago and stopped playing because of the rubber banding. I mean come on man, you cant just say that because your not seeing it happen in front of your eyes it doesn't exist. Come on bro your more competent than that right ? I mean what your bascially saying is that since ( and this is an example) I didnt lose my character in the whole GTA 5 player deleting phase of GTA online it clearly never happened even though my friends and millions of others and EVEN the developers have pointed out the issue

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sevilha822188d ago

I don´t wanna sound picky but if you soffer from 1 shot kill bug and lag (as do I by the way)it dosen´t run well.It needs to be correct ASAP,it´s killing my mood to play the game because i know the quality games DICE can provide and at this instance they are not providing.

And by the way,why do USA servers have better ping than Europe servers?

It´s beyond me why i have a smoother gameplay across the Ocean than when i play with the servers from my on continent.
Anyone else agrees with this?

n4rc2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

Jeez... Are people new to online gaming or what?

If netcode was truly broken, we'd all notice it.. I've had literally one game with rubber banding.. One..

If its happening often for some of you, then all signs point to it being on your end...

Most people just complain when they don't get the result they think they should.. But there are always wtf moments.. Lag is a fact of life, and there is nothing stopping Asians from playing on us servers and vice versa.. So you'll always get the odd bad game..

Bad netcode would mean all games are bad and that's not the case .

Edit because this doesnt sound the way I meant it and I don't believe in deleting..

I'm not saying you guys aren't seeing this stuff.. Just that there is always another reason for it.. Your connection or area, distance from servers, who else is playing on the servers etc..

Every single game in recent memory has had terrible netcode according to forums.. Its the default target for any lag issues anyone has

XiSasukeUchiha2188d ago

BF4 saving yourself from bargain bins is harder than you thought i suppose!

SirBradders2188d ago

I'm playing it as I type and I'm really frustrated with it I spawn and get stuck, it stutters on cq, players keep appearing in front of me, it takes me 5 shots to kill someone a handgun 2, my mate just got hulk smahed of the map, laggy as hell aside from that I'm having fun :-p

Zack_attack2188d ago

I have had the game since launch on x1, and all the issues I had from launch have cleared up. The only exception is sometimes when i die, it shows my enemy was at 0 health. Any improvements they make are welcome.

n4rc2187d ago

That's just a graphical error..

Happens when playing against friends.. Buddy said I had 0 health while I had 15hp left.. Happened a bunch of times then we stopped paying attention to it

sergons2187d ago

No its not! Few times I had 0hp. stop defending this piece of unfinished crap.

n4rc2187d ago

I'm not defending anything.. I'm telling you what I've seen..

We paid attention and having 0 on the killcam multiple times never once matched the actual HP of the player..

OmegaShen2188d ago

The game is just broken, I even went back to BF3 and it runs much with few problems. Guns not reloading is a big problem, sound of gunfire and 1min later you fall over dead.

Netcode is the biggest thing that needs to be fix, but there is a long list of things need to fix to.

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