Can Halo Catch Our Attention Once More?

James talks about the Halo franchise and the possibilities of its next installment.

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GarrusVakarian2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

I consider myself a pretty big Halo fan, played and loved every single game, love the Halo universe....but even for me, Halo 4 started to get that "samey" feeling, i didn't play much of the MP because it just felt too familiar, especially after playing so much Halo Reach.

I did really like the new direction that 343i took with the SP though, it was a lot more focused and character driven (loved how much the Chief spoke). I hope they can catch my attention again with the MP in Halo 5. Bring back Invasion!

2cents2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

I agree. There were some amazing twists to the story and some even bigger realisations about the human race that came to light which rocked the foundations of the existing understanding of the forerunners. The problem I had with a Halo 4 was that all the juicy bits came in the way of hidden terminals, and you could only view those videos through halo waypoint which was having major issues with its updated UI. So when I wanted to watch those videos again it was a pain just to access them.

Most of these amazing plot lines were only available to those that chose to look for them. I found that the story of the game was very simple without the terminal videos and many people don't bother looking for these hard to find nuggets of truth. I don't want to say what was revealed as I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone. But if anyone doesn't know the true history of the forerunners, they owe it to themselves to find those terminals, or just youtube it. :)

Edit: Oh, and I never lost interest in the first place, so my attention has not waivered in the slightest.

2nd Edit: This is the first time in ages on N4G that I have had a nice exchange of thoughts about something on xbox! wow! Oh and my first edit was sort of directed at the article, not you. I too agree that the MP is very samey and I was pissed when I found out that they had cut invasion. That was the most fun I had in halo MP for years, tactical, team based and pure ever increasing carnage. Ill never forget the hilarity of trying to get the core to the platform with minutes to spare where someone was sniping anyone who picked it up, and you had a procession of jumping Spartans holding this huge core only getting a few feet before being picked off by a sniper or worse... a scorpion! Good times :)

GarrusVakarian2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Agreed, the Halo universe is really deep and substantial, i spent hours on the Halo wiki, it's so interesting. Halo is one of, if not the best franchise on Xbox, IMO.

"Edit: Oh, and I never lost interest in the first place, so my attention has not waivered in the slightest."

Same, it's only my MP interest that has diminished a little. Halo 5 is a day 1 buy without even thinking about it.

spicelicka2178d ago

The story was awesome, plotline was awesome, the only thing that bothered me was some of the writing and the way some things were handled. The Diadact wasn't introduced very well, just popped out of the ship after thousands of years like he was ready for work, his lines were a little cliche and they didn't do a great job of giving him the depth he really has.

And secondly the way cortana just multiplied at the end and did some matrix style maneuvers and pushed the diadact off was weird. It felt like they were trying really hard to make it obvious. I would've preferred if she just shut off and disappeared, one moment there and the next she's gone like a corrupted file. It would've been cool to see chief's reaction to that rather than the dramatic death they showed.

Another thing that's getting old is the religious fanatic evil race stuff, covenant should have a little better motive. It seems like a fallback nowadays, can't think of an evil enemy lets make them religious nuts.

Other than that the story was actually great, i don't know why but i really liked the writing in spartan ops, i'm kinda glad that writer is handling the main story for the next game.

-Foxtrot2179d ago

I loved the single player as well but the only downer was it was far too short...and the fact the multiplayer was horrible compared to the last games all that dev time felt wasted when they could of made a longer single player.

I know Halo isn't about it's story driven single player but 343 managed to make it story driven and as you have said it was fantastic how much the Chief spoke and got involved.

Maybe...just maybe multiplayer isn't 343's thing. They should try making the multiplayer old school again like Halo 2, keep in a few things here and there but try not to make it seem like every other online first person shooter.

I would like if they made it so you had to find Amour abilities, Support Upgrades and Tactical packages randomly generated in the maps. Like we all start off with the same crap ability then it's basically luck whatever you pick up....maybe then it would make people be a little more strategic with their shooting skills.

Same could apply to some more powerful loadout weapons. I always find that letting people find weapons on the map is more balanced. If we all start off with the same crap weapons then we have to go out there and find randomly generated weapons then people would focus more on their skill instead of going in their guns blazing with their best armour ability and best gun they've unlocked.

The only weapon we should have a choice in is the Primary weapon so it's like...

Primary Weapon - Assault Rifle or DMR

Secondary Weapon - Magnum (All Round)

Grenade - Frag Grenade (All Round)

Everything else you find around the map which end up in different places each time so people don't memorize where they are. I suppose if they bring back playing Elites then there load out would be different and would get Covenant versions of the Spartan weapons. Frag Grenade to Plasma...Magnum to Plasma Pistol etc

I know it's fun to unlock stuff but with how many online games there are not everyone has the chance to play the same one to level up if your a lower level and most people have ranked up and unlocked a better gun/ability then you then there winning more on the stuff they've unlocked....not actual skill. I think thats what puts people off online games these days when you haven't been on for a while and you see mostly all the die hard players have unlocked everything you just feel like "Meh...I haven't been on in a while and things have changed too much, I'll stick to <insert new game>"

lolCHILLbro2179d ago

The new Halo has my attention, with the deicated servers and the 60fps, sounds awesome, also they have MLG veterans helping them build multiplayer this time so it should feel more competitive

Blaze9292179d ago

Halo as always been a great story-teller. But where it REALLY used to shine, is not becoming a weird stale mix of confusion: the multiplayer.

Halo 3 I put ENDLESS hours into. Halo: Reach I played a lot as well. Halo 4 came, and literally went. The story mode was great and was nice to have MC back as the main character. But that multiplayer was just, boring.

They need to ditch the classes, ditch the perks, and remember what made Halo Halo.

GarrusVakarian2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

"They need to ditch the classes, ditch the perks, and remember what made Halo Halo."

So much this. Less CoD, more traditional Halo.

Shadonic2178d ago

Exactly they traded in aspects that made it unique, that made and got people interested, that made it different. All of this was traded in for the basic run of the mill create a class crap thats in almost every game with guns and the bad part is that it wasnt that different or balanced. I Hope Bungie will get the whole class thing down with Destiny, It sounds great and i cant wait it out in the Beta.

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XiSasukeUchiha2179d ago

Halo 5 is MS's saviour for sure from mediocrity.

Bonkerz2179d ago

Halo will always be one of the best FPS experiences, if not THE best.

OC_MurphysLaw2179d ago

Any game can catch our attention. Will it hold our attention is a another story. I think Halo 5 really needs to come in big with not only solid MP but they really need a homerun on the SP side of things.

Convas2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

I want Halo to get back to the Galactic focus it found going forward in Halo 2 and Halo 3.

Halo 4 in a lot of ways is like Halo CE. It's self-contained in a way, it wrapped itself up nicely, but leaves you sure that there's more to come.

What I want is for the conflicts between the Covenant Remnant (Storm Faction, Jul 'Mdama, Vata Gajat) to expounded on, I want the Negotiations between the Elites and Brutes involved, I want the New Colonial Alliance and the Spartan IV double-agents involved. I want to see ONI trying to get rid of Halsey and Halsey showing them who's boss.

I want the Spirit of Fire to be recovered and the Spartan IIs in cryo there to be reunited with the Master Chief. I want to see what the reunification of the Janus Key leads to, and I want to see the Flood return as a result of said Janus Key event. And then there's Cortana ...

Theres' so much for 343i to do story wise, it's not even funny.

Multiplayer wise, the Golden Triangle NEEDS to come back. Weapons, Grenades, Melee. Special weapons on the map. Get back to Halo roots of controlled 4v4 based combat for those that need that tight, coordinated MP experience and branch out to 12v12 or larger battles for those that need chaos.

Keep it simple. Go back to being Sci-fi. Give us Halo. Not Halo with some COD elements. HALO.

Shadonic2178d ago

Man i hope they change how spartan 4's act. There like Marines with 25% spartan serum juice put into them. The whole being pent down scene from the Spartan ops made me cringe a bit, not only was it the whole Cliche soldiar gets hurt but makes it home saying he'll be alright to the commander thing, it also made the spartans 4's so unlike-able for me. The normal Marines were more dignified and respectful and ordered than whats supposed to be the militaries most skilled and honorable unit.

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