Video Games Shouldn’t Have Movies Made after Them

Yami from Twinfinite writes: "Here’s why I think video games shouldn’t have movies made after them."

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Mikelarry2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

video games movies shouldn't have movies and miss out on my " lara croft tomb raider movies HELL NOOO"

but more seriously i think if it helps the game and they actually bring in strong writers and actors i dont see why not as it builds on the story

I_am_Batman2185d ago

Because that's not the case nearly 100% of the time. I honestly never saw a movie adaptation of a great video game that could keep up with the quality of the game.

And in most cases (especially when Uwe Boll is involved) It doesn't even have much to do with the original story or characters.

morganfell2185d ago

You don't have to make a movie any more. Look at this:

After Naughty Dog mentioned no one had found their secrets buried around the web people started digging. Unbelievable tech.

I_am_Batman2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )


Unless I see high quality footage of ingame material I wouldn't make such a statement although i do agree that we don't need video game movies. The quality is so bad you can't even tell if it's supposed to look good.

It's hard to be impressed by 320p videos no matter how good the source material looks.

Transporter472185d ago

Whether they are comics, games, manga etc. I'd always would want to see a real live action movie just to see how awesome it would be, but the problem is that its hard to do so most of them fail and end up being terrible...

TheRealTedCruz2185d ago

Once 'Tetris:The Movie' is a thing, I can die happy.

level 3602185d ago

Only game adaptation to film that I really really liked and thought was true to the game was the first Silent Hill movie.

porkChop2185d ago

The first Mortal Kombat movie was pretty good, and was fairly true to the games.

vivid832185d ago

I concur that movie was awesome!!! gosh takes me back to being a carefree 15yr old. I thought the hitman movie was ok but no really anything like the game though

xx4xx2185d ago

I'm iffy on the silent hill movie as a whole, but it was a gorgeous movie to look at.

It also was successful in filling the viewer with a sense of dread...many movies try and fail... This one delivered. Those air sirens were creepy - ya knew something bad was coming.

Lastly the special fx were great. Pyramidhead skinning that girl was just.....just....

WeedyOne2185d ago

I think making movies out of games is fine but....

I wish they would not have live action movies of games. In games CGI cutscenes are usually pretty amazing and i think they would make excellent movies!

Take Diablo 3, its cutscenes are gorgeous! I would love so see more CGI videogame movies. Kinda like that final fantasy movie they came out with a while back.

porkChop2185d ago

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was extremely expensive to make and is largely regarded as the biggest video game movie failure ever.

Kurisu2185d ago

My Grandad took me to see Spirits Within at the cinema...we were the only two people there!

The CGI was fantastic and still looks amazing to this day but my god the film was awful and definitely wasn't Final Fantasy!

WeedyOne2184d ago

While i agree Spirits Within wasnt a great film, i do like the fact that they used CGI to make it. I think if done right, GCI could make some really cool game movies.

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