PopCap Listens to Fans for New Content

The new third-person shooter is going to receive free new content very soon, and will be based on the demands of the fans. Because this new content will be based on the feedback of the audience, it is expected to be updated continuously by PopCap.

Gary Clay, senior franchise marketing manager, confirmed that within the update there will be changes made to the in-game billboard on the menu screen; this will make it a dynamic billboard that will allow them to communicate with the players. He announced that we should expect new maps and and game modes that will have a PopCap twist to them.

“Expect a big PvZ spin on everything, don’t expect the standard elements you’d get from most games. It’ll be focused on humor and things that are very different.”

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Bigpappy2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

I didn't think I would enjoy paying zombies as much as plants. I was very wrong.

I see this game shocking people at how much it keeps growing. I am not predicting Mindcraft growth, but the same constant growth over a few years.

GearSkiN2178d ago

Fix the mic prob, but glad this game is doing great!

lemoncake2178d ago

If they release new content at a good rate this game will become epic.

RiPPn2178d ago

Unfortunately the content they create from this feedback will likely come in the form of a microtransaction.

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