Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Won't Include Alistair, New Details Coming This Week

"One of the series' most interesting characters likely won't be in the upcoming Dragon Age game."

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vishmarx2184d ago

why is allistair such a big deal?
he was a walking joke in origins,his conversation choices were hillarious

SnakeCQC2183d ago

depending on the player choices he was a king

InTheLab2183d ago

I made him King and he was still a joke.

But for comedy purposes I usually stuck with Loghain. That bit where Alistair gets all whiny about it was awesome.

SnakeCQC2183d ago

Lol the fact that people kept loghain alive makes me lose faith in humanity

Blacklash932183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

If we're not going to Ferelden much or at all, this makes sense. There's no reason they have to plug in a cameo for every old fan-favorite character for the sake of it.

Eamon2183d ago

Alistair is more than just someone from Ferelden. He's a Grey Warden, possible King and most importantly a companion of the Warden who is the main character of DA:O.
Also, in the Silent Grove comic series (set after DA2 so SPOILER ALERT), he travels with Varric and Isabela to find his father and meets another 'daughter' of Flemeth.

In a way, Alistair would logically have some role to play (even if it's small) in the events of DA3 considering that DA3's plot is supposed to be global.

He also had cameo appearances in DA2. This is only the voice actor's opinion. Bioware has not confirmed Alistair non-appearance and the voice recording could still be ongoing.

Blacklash932183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

I realize that he's an important character, but he would only particularly important in one potential scenario (in relevance, as King) and our new hero can't possibly meet every important figure in Thedas. Also, the comic operated under the assumption that he was King so it'd be tricky to introduce that new backstory and lore to Inquisition with him.

I do fully expect him to be mentioned. But yes, this isn't a definitive say on the matter. The VA just hasn't been contacted so far.

jeromeface2183d ago

Watch... he'll be subject matter of one of the DLC's... RETURN OF THE KING!

NotAfanBOY2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Allistair, you will be missed.

Cat2183d ago

I liked Alistair, he was my favorite, but I understand why he might not be a viable character for future games - his storyline resolved.

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