Resolution Gate & The Next Generation Pixel War – Get Over It, Just Enjoy the Games

Is it time to give the Xbox One a pass? Kirby explains why the Xbox One’s inadequacies don’t matter that much and why gamers need to look at the much bigger picture in front of them.

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Corpser2177d ago ShowReplies(4)
Neonridr2177d ago

I think the problem doesn't lie in the fact that the Xbox One can't do as high a resolution as the PS4. The Xbox One games look great in their own regard and even if the resolution is a little lower, that doesn't stop the game from being good.

The tougher pill to swallow is the fact that this machine costs MORE MONEY than the PS4. If the Xbox One was say $50 cheaper than the PS4, then people wouldn't be so quick to bash the console. Nobody bashes the Wii U (well hardly anyone) when it comes to the graphics of the game. We all know the console is weaker and the price of the console reflects that.

But asking someone to pay $100 more so that you can get a sensor that you don't give 2 $hits about and games that are running in a lower resolution or slower framerate is not going to sit well with gamers.

Mikelarry2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

the smell of common sense... refreshing great comment gamer. i was about to post but you stole the words right out of my mouth.

and this attitude with pay more for a less powerful console is ok articles that recently started popping up is truly shocking but hey everyone has their right to choose which console they prefer

Neonridr2177d ago

lol, sorry for stealing your thunder ;)

The Xbox One still has its merits and I am pissed off that without getting one I won't be able to play Quantum Break (Alan Wake was probably my favorite 360 game, so anything by the same studio is a must play for me). But gamers aren't stupid and unless you are a diehard MS exclusive fan (Halo, Gears of War, Forza, etc) you aren't likely going to purchase an Xbox One over a PS4.

4Sh0w2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Nah its $100 more because you get kinect standard, seems your gripe is you don't like kinect but that a personal preference rather than its not worth it because of lower specs. It happens in every industry, people buy pc's, cell phones, cars, etc all the time with a little less power but with more bells and whistles= value. Again you may not see the value but I and plenty of others do so that's just personal preference.

Neonridr2177d ago

@4Sh0w - It's not that I don't like Kinect, I just feel like it's still useless. In the days of universal remotes and whatnot, why do I need to look like a dork repeating commands to my TV because it didn't recognize it the first time. Aside from games like Just Dance, what real benefit does Kinect add to my gaming experience? Do you honestly suddenly feel like you are part of the game? Does the whole "you are the controller" slogan really ring true while you are playing the latest version of Halo or Madden?

I will admit that the console itself has some pretty cool uses when it comes to functionality. I like the Snap TV feature and would come in handy if you wanted a PIP experience. But Kinect does nothing to enhance that other than you speaking the command to enable the function.

I would rather that extra money go into something that is going to make my gaming experience that much more enjoyable. I am buying these consoles first and foremost to game on, so while it might be nice if my console can do my taxes for me, I bought it to play games.

DAS6922177d ago

A lot of people don't realize that 1080p is a big deal. I have a 60" television and it makes A BIG DIFFERENCE. Although everyone won't have a t.v. that big, that is where the t.v. industry is headed. 4k t.v.'s are STANDARD 55" inches and up. The PS4 (Although not fully prepared) is MORE prepared than the X1 to deliver a better looking picture. THAT IS IMPORTANT. And like Neonridr said, the X1 is more money for inferior tech.

webeblazing2177d ago

mmmmmm you buy a system because of the games. i brought a ps3 because of the games and free online, the gfx was a perk. even tho i hate that they included the cam in every box without even having games exclusive for it thats good, it doesnt take a genius to see people may have brought it because of the games and the games thats coming out for it. if ms and sony both couldnt do 1080p no one would be saying anything. you have a point its because its at a higher price, but ps fanboys are bashing it because of what happen last gen, and like i said before i think half of them are x xbox fanboys doing it just the troll.

annd trust me i asked one of my friends the same question why he would want a xbone if its weaker. he said he dont care he prefer xbox more. a lot of people outside dont care. people usually go with the masses when it comes to products. i have a feeling a lot of xbox fanboys jumped ship just so they can bash someone. because this site use to be dominated by them. anyway i dont know how he would feel about it later tho.

jay22177d ago

Oh I am from the cheaper console beating more expensive ones.

Boody-Bandit2177d ago

Bang for the buck is why it matters to most. The cheaper console is the more powerful console.

Not to mention blades of grass mattered last gen but not this time around. Why is that?

kingduqc2177d ago

If you look a bit further then the edge of your nose you'll see that playing on a console isn't bang for the buck at all: Paying to play online, paying way more for games, sometime free content is paid instead.

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