PlayStation Plus: Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition & Tomb Raider Free for Members

By Kristine Steimer: "I think the best way to start off any new month is with two free PlayStation Plus games. For March we have Dead Nation: Apocalpyse Edition for your PlayStation 4 and Tomb Raider for your PlayStation 3. If you’re unfamiliar with the original Dead Nation, it’s a top-down twin-stick shooter that’s best experienced with a friend. Make sure you’ve got a strategy and plenty of items before you head out to take down hordes of zombies. The Apocalypse Edition was just announced last week, will be hitting PlayStation Store tomorrow, and it has some interesting benefits like an interactive live streaming option."

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xHeavYx3760d ago

Tomb Raider is a lot of fun. I got the collectors edition for $20, but free is always better

GarrusVakarian3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Im looking forward to Dead Nation tomorrow, i didn't play it on PS3. I think i'll stream it to see what the viewer interactivity is like.


Feel free :)

Neonridr3760d ago

lol, maybe I'll check in to see what it's like.. ;)

Mikelarry3760d ago

...... i reread your comment 3 times and i am still scratching my head why you got disagrees?

GarrusVakarian3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )


Because they're jelly bellies.

FunAndGun3760d ago

because of your avatar, I'm gonna send you all the zombie clowns you can handle...Get those guns ready! :P

Omar913760d ago

Too bad no one watches my live streams :(

GarrusVakarian3760d ago


Hardly anyone watches mine either, i had like 8 viewers on a Tomb Raider livestream a couple weeks back, but that's it lol.

I think i will get more on Dead Nation though, seeing as not many people will have it and some people might not even know it's on the store. New games always get lots of viewers.

AceBlazer133760d ago

What's your psn i might watch your stream.

GarrusVakarian3760d ago


Same as my N4G username. I don't know what time it will be up on the PS store but im in the UK, GMT.

FamilyGuy3760d ago

Dead Nation is AWESOME.
Definitely better to play with a friends, it's full of great moments and hectic game play. Lots of strategy involved too, gotta know what you should upgrade and where best to lay your proximity mines, conserving your flares, etc

On top of all the the ambiance so amazing! Its cold, dark streets, moaning sounds of zombies echoing from behind a corner, suspenseful music at the right times.

I already played the hell out of this and I'm still excited to play it again.

hkgamer3760d ago

I think I've only had a couple of views on my livestreams. it's kinda hard to tell because I play on fullscreen and would never know if someone is actually watching.

Irishguy953760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

It's pretty fun, it was overhyped back in the day as some sort of Left 4 Dead killer, but still, it's a fun game. Play it with a friend.

I've played both these games already, so it's a bad month for PS+ For me. However it's the first month in a long time where I had played everything

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Neonridr3760d ago

I am playing it on the PS4 currently. Didn't have a PS3, so I figured I would support the developer and get the "definitive version". Nice that PS3 people get it for free.

Dead Nation isn't screaming out at me or anything, but I will pick it up and grab a buddy to give it a playthrough.

Darth Gamer3760d ago

Dead Nation is one of the best top down shooters I've played. Lots of fun and better with a friend co-op. I can't wait to grab it again tomorrow for free and check out the new features.

Oschino19073760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Dead Nation has great atmosphere (park area especially with clowns is my favorite, hilarious and creepy) and something worth playing through a few times to try all the weapons and upgrades along with searching for hidden areas.

With the Road of Devastation dlc added you get some new areas and content to fight with and more of a round based gameplay but with a unique twist.

I assume it will look amazing on ps4, although it already looked great on ps3. Wish they had a little extra to add but hopefully they bring back global national leaderboards, it will be fun to compete with other countries again and watching the stats compile in real time.

Neonridr3760d ago

@ramiuk1 - who was that directed at? Nobody is playing the PS4 version of Dead Nation yet, the guys above are simply commenting on how good the PS3 version is. The PS3 version is already available and has been for some time.

Gorilla_Killa_X3760d ago

@ramiuk1, I believe he was referring to Tomb Raider as he was responding to the first poster. Tomb Raider is awesome and I too missed out on PS3, but am loving it on PS4.

Dead Nation is alot of fun but you gotta play with others. It not as fun by yourself.

Neonridr3760d ago

@Gorilla_Killa_X - after reading my comment I see how he might have gotten confused. I never said Tomb Raider in my comment, and since Dead Nation existed on the PS3 too, it was a little vague.

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neoandrew3760d ago ShowReplies(2)
ITPython3760d ago

I probably wasn't going to get the definitive edition until it became cheaper, but hey I'll take the PS3 version free anyday! PS+ is amazing! I still have Bioshock Infinite to play, now this too? Excellent!

Waiting for Infamous:SS isn't too hard when I still have PS3 games to burn through :-)

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Corpser3760d ago

Who doesn't want to play Tomb Raider substandard edition?

MysticStrummer3760d ago

You set yourself up there, but I'll resist the temptation.

sAVAge_bEaST3760d ago

I have played neither Dead Nation, nor Tomb Raider,. Stoked for both.

Darth Gamer3760d ago

Both are fantastic games! You will have a blast playing both and being free makes them that much sweeter.

hkgamer3760d ago

Tomb raider is a great game. Probably not a game for original tomb raider fans but definitely a great game.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans3760d ago

I missed out on Dead Nation for PS3. So this is cool. I'll be checking it out tomorrow. PS+ is the best.