Warframe on PS4: Update 12 Adds New Warframe, Weapons, Mode

By Pat Kudirka: "It’s been a long time coming, but Update 12 is here! The Warframe team is extremely (dare I say Digital Extremely…*crickets*) excited to not only bring Update 12 to our existing PS4 players, but also to our newly added Warframe fans in Japan. They just got a taste on their Day 1 launch. This is another big update that includes a new Warframe, new weapons, a new game mode, and my personal favorite; a badass new HUD"

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GraveLord2185d ago

Best F2P game on PS4 at the moment.

sigfredod2185d ago

I currently spend more time on war thunder (i use my European account to download it) , but warframe is great also several hours into it too

ramiuk12185d ago

although to advance in player u need to spend a fortune on it as not everything is unlocked without use of platinum,or so it seems from the time i have spent on it

Fixay2185d ago

Everything's obtainable without spending money. Certain weapons are XP locked though and it wont let anyone buy them, if they aren't a high enough level which i thought was good

Fixay2185d ago

amazing game. I'm having a break at the moment though lol it's very grindy

Nine_Thousaaandd2185d ago

Yup...just updated mine. Myself and my co-workers play this a lot, one of the best F2P games ever!

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dadz2185d ago

Are the PC and PS4 versions cross-platform yet?

HellzAssassin2185d ago

It will be, in due time. As stated by DE themselves. Presumably at launch, or soon after launch is what they stated.

sarshelyam2185d ago

They're synced when versions are in sync. With this update, they're synced.


really like warframe alot. after seeing this frame in motion though I am not liking it as much as I thought.

I mostly use frost prime at the moment so I am interested in seeing how the changes will affect gameplay ie globe nurf.

also looking forward to trying out some of the new weapons

ShadowL92185d ago

Was contemplating coming back to this game because I haven't put much time into it since Damage 2.0 came to PS4 and they nerfed XP from all enemies, but the snowglobe nerf just ruined my favorite frame. Frost doesn't have powerful abilities and SG was his best and most unique one, but now that is ruined...

Fixay2185d ago

Bows got buffed though! try them out

iceman062185d ago

They also buffed 2 of his other powers (Avalanche and Ice Storm) to offset the debuff of SG. Frost is still pretty OP.

DARK WITNESS2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

OP is not the word I would use at all.

Compared to some of the other frames, he has nothing going for him really other then being the best looking frame (IMO)

They did buff his other moves but after playing it last night I am not sure the buffs really made that much of a difference.

The Range of avalanche range is still not all that. When you got a Mag or Nova running round the map you still can't kill anything.

Not only have they nurfed the globe, now the corpus guys have their own snow globs that they can move around in.

Frost has been my primary frame since I started playing but it really feels like they are just trying to take the fun out of him.

He is the slowest moving, has the least useful abilities and now he can't even play a good Def anymore...and to add insult to injury Corpus get their own globs..

SirBradders2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Is this update live as of now anyone? And can I transfer my pc data to ps4 yet?

Majin-vegeta2185d ago

Just turned on my PS4 and it's live.

iDadio2185d ago

You'll get a ps4 download update then when you start the game you'll get the ingame 400mb update.

XiSasukeUchiha2185d ago

PS4 is an good console with the potential of surpassing the PS2 in sales.

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