'Watch Dogs' contains nudity, drunk Aiden Pierce, human-trafficking scenes and more

From watching one gameplay snippet, it's easy to tell that Watch Dogs will have some very adult, mature elements at play, but just how intense and mature will these things get?

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GentlemenRUs2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Expect it to get censored here in the UK/EU then...

bienio2181d ago

Yes but prolably not on Pc 😉

Beastforlifenoob2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Censorship is literally horse feces if this was a movie it would probably be about PG-13.

I mean It has no where near the violence of movies like Rambo, the original robocops, human centipede and a bunch of other R rated movies

It has no where near the sexual themes of movies like american psycho, the wolf of wall street or others (all r rated movies)

Also nowhwere near the drug use of FLight by denzel washington

There is a bit of a double standard here... Movies can more easily be accomadated into the guideline than games.

For example in australia we have ma15+ and R18+ there are basically no R18+ movies (even SAWi,Sawii,saw3 and saw4 are not R) but games like Payday2, gta v, the last of us and wolfenstein new order are R18+ BUT THEY ARE NO WHERE NEAR EVEN 15+ movies.

If you ask me games and gamers are being antagonized by society.

MicDude2181d ago

Wait Wait Wait...You are lumping movies like Robocop and Rambo in with The Human Centipede?!

AgentSmithPS42179d ago

What countries are the best to buy uncensored PS4 games from if you live in the USA? I hope the prudes don't spoil this game and witcher 3 :(. Do the games always work no matter where they're from?

Gore-Content2181d ago

That's what I'm about to say, lelelelel

Akuma072181d ago

Nah. If it was sexual violence then it would. But it isn't. Just a bit of boob, a bit of noise, and a bit of booze.

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logan_izer102181d ago

Ugh. Stupid. I feel like everyone is trying to be grand theft auto. I want to be able to play games in my house without having to worry about my wife and kids seeing this garbage

Agent20092181d ago ShowReplies(2)
Psychotica2181d ago

I play GTA V with headphones and use a PC monitor that is turned away when I am playing. If my child comes around I just shoo him away and tell him to go play somewhere else.

matrixman922181d ago

i dont even know what you are mad at. The fact that the game is M? You dont have time to play? your wife and kids? lol i dont get the point of calling the game garbage because it has adult themes

Grap2181d ago

You like to whine don't you.

MisterFantastic2181d ago

Logan don't be mad at Ubisoft because your wife won't let you play this awesome game. Shouldn't have gotten married.

styferion2181d ago

actually they're trying to be closer to real-life, it's a game about criminals, so it's not exactly gonna contain ponies and little fairies..

but feel ya though, it's kinda annoying to have to worry about any inappropriate scenes when playing games.

AgentSmithPS42179d ago

Yeah it's SOOO strange that a game based on real life would have this 'garbage' in it... Gather the kids up and put them on your knee while you're shooting cops in the legs, stalking people, and breaking into places.

If you can't control your own kids in your own home this game will be the least of your problems. At any time you can go into her purse and get your balls back.

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skydragoonity2181d ago

Its an adult game for adults. Anticipating

gameslayer24112181d ago

I'm glad to hear more games are becoming adult oriented I just wish that most people actually gave a Damn about what they let their kids play but I'll enjoy this either way

Meltic2181d ago

Cool a half Movie and a half game :)

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