Chart-Track: Thief Steals Crown

Square Enix take their second All Formats No1 in 2014 as ‘Thief’ takes top spot.

Developed by Eidos Montreal it smashes the week 1 of predecessor ‘Thief: Deadly Shadows’ last seen on Xbox & PC in 2004. It also achieves the second highest sales for a No1 title in 2014 behind FIFA 14 with 75% of those sales coming for Xbox One & PS4. ‘The Lego Movie Videogame’ (-33%) drops to No2 after two weeks at the top but stays ahead of ‘FIFA 14’ (-15%) which drops to No3.
Another debutant lands at No4 this week as ‘Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare’ arrives for both Xbox One & 360. It pushes ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’(-36%) down to No5 while the third of EA’s Top 10 titles ‘Battlefield 4’ (-17%) also slides two places to No6. Konami’s ‘Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2’ is another newcomer this week creeping in at No10 and becoming the second biggest week 1 in the franchise behind the original Lords of Shadow which released in 2010. Elsewhere in the Top 40 Bandai Namco’s ‘Tales of Symphonia: Chroni...

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pheature3754d ago

thats actually surprising i bought thief and can only play it in short periods, its not really as good as what i thought it would be.

starchild3754d ago

Well I think it is a great game. I can play it for hours and it remains fun.

for we are many3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

I played the game but haven't finished it though. From what I played it's mediocre at best, very generic, linear and to be honest, boring, but I guess that's what gamers want these days especially in the UK.


The Epic Games Store Has Two Freebies for You This Week

From outer space to stealing in Europe, The Epic Games Store has two free games you might like.

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Thief - Taken From Us Too Soon

The Thief game series has had many ups-and-downs, and 2014's reboot showed a great deal of promise nearly a decade ago.

Notellin320d ago

This would be such a great franchise to reboot. A darker game than Dishonored, but focused around stealth and large scale heists from an oppressive monarchy.

That's probably my dream game. I love immersive sims and stealth!

Noskypeno320d ago

People say they hate forced stealth sections in games. But a game focused on stealth with good mechanics and level design feels refreshing from the guns blazing games which I also enjoy. I really enjoyed playing Splinter cell, a game that not many try to mimic today. Not too many games let you shoot lights out, or throw cans or bottles to distract guards. Sure there are games with stealth options like the new Wolfenstein but it doesn't feel necessary to play it that way. Hitman might be the only game that has that feeling, except for that Korean game that may or may not ever come out.

isarai320d ago

You should try the Sniper Elite games, so good, especially with coop

Notellin319d ago

Same here. I'm glad there are some other people who enjoy these types of games!

@isarai I tried Sniper Elite 5 and ended up really enjoying that one. Went back and played 4 as well!.

ModsDoBetter320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

The last one was a trainwreck and has been in the bargain bin since just after launch. If they bring it back, they need a massive change in direction.

Inverno320d ago

only direction they should take is putting it in reverse and going back to what the originals did. I couldn't finish this game, and I made a choice to never play it again. I watched a video about the og Thief and Deus Ex games and the current AAA standard will forever hold back these games. These 2 games alone had already solved so many problems with modern gaming that I don't think they'll get a chance at something great unless they're made by a dev that actually give a damn.

monkey602320d ago

Jesus the last installment sells at about 2 euro and even that is over paying for it. Absolutely diabolical game

SimpleSlave320d ago

Ups and Down? More like Up, UP, Pot Hole, Free Fall into the Abyss...

Rutaprkl320d ago

Thief Deadly Shadows remaster would be awesome.


Humble LEGO at the Movies Bundle out now

The Humble LEGO at the Movies Bundle just launched today. It includes nine different games on multiple operating systems that you can redeem and play on Steam. As always, a portion of proceeds from the bundle supports charity.

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