Tesla Effect Devs: HD is Not Enough - We're Doing 2K Resolution

Aaron interviews Big Finish Games' Visual Effects Supervisor and Lead VFX Artist Mat Van Rhoon to get some clarification on their Friday announcement that the game would use 2K resolution.

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Neonridr2185d ago

wow, so like 5% of the gaming population can take advantage. Way to utilize your money accordingly.

RandomManA2185d ago

Actually, if I understand correctly, the live-action cutscenes were all shot in 2K resolution, which is something of a standard in digital film. So instead of downscaling to 1080p, they said, "why not just make playing in 2K an option?" It's there if you can take advantage of it, but you won't miss anything serious if you don't.

Neonridr2185d ago

I guess, but it just seems weird that they would use a more expensive process so that only a few people can actually appreciate.

TheRealTedCruz2185d ago

It's no different than 3D.
It was there, though few people use it.

It's all about making the way for a future standard. We are entering the days where a 2k capable GPU will be a rather affordable thing to own. At least in comparison to what they were.

yewles12185d ago

...why such a big deal over potentially 2048x1152?