Six microtransactions to ruin your Titanfall experience

Jeremy Hill,

"On the most recent episode of the GamerTell Cast we joked about scandalous microtransactions that EA could insist on including in Titanfall. We know there won’t be any optional in-game purchases, but I’m fairly sure EA would love to change that if it could. Anyway, let’s have a little fun and look at some Titanfall microtransactions that are both ridiculous and believable at the same time."

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OC_MurphysLaw2182d ago

For the record...Transformers skin pack would be EPIC!

Eonjay2182d ago

Agreed. Skin packs aren't really cheats. They just make your character appear unique. I totally expect paint packs. Would be nice if you could customize your look for free but it doesn't change balance of game.

Whiskeyjacked872182d ago

For the record! A pay to win game would be the worst decision ever and would further drive this game away from MLG.

xDHAV0K24x2182d ago

Not everyone cares for MLG. It's been downhill since Halo was taken off

Ra30302182d ago

Respawn Entertainment already has said no micro transactions. But we all know nothing about Titanfall is in their control. Has EA EVER not ruined a project they were in control of? So let the EA with the help of Microsoft failures of Titanfall begin......sorry Respawn Entertainment you got into the wrong bed but you have been paid so with cash in hand spend well. Maybe if your lucky Sony will add some to it.

mrpsychoticstalker2182d ago

What is the point of this article?


The game will sell well, stop the hate.