MGS5: Phantom Pain "200 times bigger than Ground Zeroes" – Kojima

In a rare interview for Play #241's cover feature, Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima revealed that The Phantom Pain will be around 200 times the size of imminent prologue, Ground Zeroes. "A game that big wouldn’t be ready for next-gen launch windows," he states.

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TheLyonKing2186d ago

I am excited to play ground zero as I am a huge MGS fan and 200x bigger gets me very very excited for phantom pain.

Mr_cheese2186d ago

I am getting caught up in the MGS hype, i have to say. MGS4 was one of the best games I have ever played, it made me very nostalgic for the original so I am glad to hear that psyhco mantis is making a return!!! The controller swap from the original was genius, pure genius!

Irishguy952186d ago

I'm glad Psycho mantis is in Phantom Pain. But he had no place in MGS4. MGS4 had alot of bad choices actually. Normally Kojima makes some epic characters. MGS4 had terrible bosses(story wise)

abzdine2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

if MGSV is 200 times bigger than GZ then GZ should in theory cost 60/200 = 0,3$. /s

It's cool MGSV is an ambitious project that brings new things to the series and adds some info to the massive story.

Agent20092186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Nevermind, I'm a one stupid IDIOT.

2186d ago
AntoineDcoolette2186d ago

Same I'm getting caught up in the MGS hype. I just played Skyrim and Kingdoms of Amalur back to back... fine games in their own right but then I popped in my MGS HD collection and WOW. Everything about the MGS games from the soundtracks, to art direction cinematics, diloague, gameplay etc etc just oozes with straight freaking passion! Shines like a flawless diamond in the Sahara sun. Just balls to the walls awesome in every way, even Peace Walker, a handheld title!

MGS series makes so many other IPs feel soulless in comparison.

My body is ready for Ground Zeroes

pedrof932186d ago


The worst thing was making Snake Old, The Young Snake face-camo makes you wish that the story was bit different.

Otherwise fantastic game !

GameSpawn2186d ago


MGS4's bosses were meant to mimic MGS's bosses/characters.

Screaming Mantis = Psycho Mantis
Laughing Octopus = Decoy Octopus
Raging Raven = Vulcan Raven
Crying Wolf = Sniper Wolf

This was intentional to be a nod back to the original MGS, far more than just the Shadow Moses revisit.

MGS4 brought closure to Solid Snake's storyline in a damn good way.

MGS:GZ and MGS:PP are giving us more insight into Big Boss's (Naked Snake) storyline and making him more human. As of MGS we all saw Big Boss as the villain, but MGS3 and MGS:Peace Walker revealed to us that the lines were much more blurred and that Big Boss was neither villain nor hero, but human acting in his own interests as a soldier.

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creatchee2186d ago

You never know what is hyperbole or not with Kojima.

But consider me excited and hopeful!

Ninver2186d ago

i know right? the guy has mastered the artistry of trolling. The difference is his trolling benefits the gamer.

alejandroelputo2186d ago

He should say these things afetr Ground Zeroes is out

GribbleGrunger2186d ago

This says more about how small Ground Zero is rather than how big Phantom Pain is.

BitbyDeath2186d ago

Kinda both though, even if GZ was the size of a single level in Killzone 200x that is absolutely massive.

Not really selling me on GZ though. I do still really want to play it but at a decent price :-/

stuna12186d ago

But going by this statement, doesn't this give credence to what people have been saying about Ground Zero being short!?

I love MGS games! But this statement is like someone putting their foot in their mouth!

deadfrag2186d ago

And Ground Zeros is Short!!No one is obliged to buy,the ones that do must keep in mind that the game is actually short!

hkgamer2186d ago

or it jsut shows how much smaller ground zeroes is.

I also liek to say that 200x bigger doesn't really mean much. Probably just means that 100x of it would be you running through a desert

MisterFantastic2186d ago

IrishGuy, don't be a chicken neck hula hoop eyed jive turkey. Obviously you never played previous MGS games.

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Batzi2186d ago

The news is old. We have known that for a while now. But nevertheless, can't wait to play both Ground Zeroes & The Phantom Pain! :D

TheOmniGamer2186d ago

I don't really see why he is saying this... All this tells me is just how much of a rip off Ground Zeroes is. If GZ is only 1/200th of Phantom Pain, then it should be 1/200th of the price, not $30.

Chrono2186d ago

So you want to get it for 30 cents?

Dasteru2186d ago

For what is basically a glorified demo? yeah, that sounds about right.

styferion2186d ago

sure, but with 30p and 2fps

DeadMansHand2186d ago

I feel they should give people who buy GZ for 30 bucks 30 dollars off the collectors edition of Phantom Pain which we all know will be coming. That way, it's a sound investment for us early adopters and die hards who simply can't wait another year+ for a metal gear fix.

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kiz26942186d ago

So, it should be 200th of the price. I say 27p sounds good.

XiSasukeUchiha2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Damn its only the beginning

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