inFamous: Second Son’s PS4 Digital Download Size From the PlayStation Store Revealed

"Having been available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store (US, Canada – includes Cole’s Legacy DLC and more) for some time now, you’ve probably been wondering just how much space inFamous: Second Son will take up on your PS4 HDD when the game launches on Friday, March 21st." - PSLS

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markyboy21812183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

thats quite small for a full game download ..........dont think this game will b that long:(

GarrusVakarian2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Nah, it's not that small. It's only because games have been so ridiculously, unnecessarily big so far that this seems small in comparison.

Here's some other games for comparison-

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – 21.2GB
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – 6.4GB

Tons of content in both of those games with decent campaign lengths.

Then you have Call of Duty Ghosts which has a super short campaign, looks like a last gen game but is 31.3GB due to poor coding. Considering Infamous SS has no MP, 24GB isn't worrying at all and shouldn't be taken as an indicator of campaign length.

ZodTheRipper2183d ago

Another well said for you, sir.

I've paid for my digital copy last week, hopefully there will be a preload before the 21st :)

firelogic2183d ago

It's not necessarily poor coding. The bulk of the size is usually the type of audio they're using. for BD, usually lossless. Plus all the different types. balloons the more languages are included. Also there's a lot of dummy data and duplicate data strewn across the disc for faster access speed.

KUV19772183d ago

Also the larger games tend to have prerendered cutscenes. I am betting the cutscenes in inFamous will be real time thus saving space.

MTEC82183d ago

Firelogic, accidently disagreed with you. Clumsy touch screen :-#

thisismyaccount2183d ago

Titanfall for the PC - 50GB HD Space requirement (install)...., now we know why it´s running at 720p only on the XB1, it´s due hard drive space limitations ;=)


IcarusOne2183d ago

Pedro, whoever's playing that leaked SS gameplay kinda sucks. lol

But still, super stoked for this game. Preordered yesterday. Looking forward to the extra content. Wheee!

Totoro172183d ago

I always wondered why PC game downloads aren't as big as their console brethren. Thanks for clearing that up, Lukas.

TheTowelBoy2183d ago

Wow idk you guy but I wish I did. Lol Bubs for CONSISTENCY.

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OculusRift2183d ago

Because a download is small doesn't mean the story is short.. Maybe the Devs know what compress is? The past titles were about that size.

Death2183d ago

24 gigs for a digital game is huge. The Blu-ray games have huge footprints due to duplicated data. Look at MGS on PS3 Blu vs digital. 50 gigs BR vs 9 gigs digital.

FamilyGuy2183d ago

HD textures much?
Higher quality audio assets?

No sense comparing its size to last gen games when all games should be take up more space this gen but Infamous 2 digital download size was 15Gbs. This being larger only makes sense.

Death2183d ago

24 gigs today compared to a 9 gig game last gen is still very large. I'm not sure what it is you are disagreeing with me on. Metal Gear on the PS3 had a disc based print of 50 gigs. It's digital version was 9 gigs. Infamous is almost 3 times bigger. How is that small?

FamilyGuy2183d ago

How are MGS4 and Infamous SS comparable?
Two completely different games, different genres, different console generations and made by different developers. How does it make any sense whatsoever to compare the two?

MGS 4 wasn't even open world

Death2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )


So what you are saying is, Infamous should be larger than a game from the PS3 especially given it is open world and not a CGfest like MGS was. With the enhanced visuals a game today on the PS4 should have a digital footprint of maybe 2-3 times larger that one of the biggest PS3 games?

FamilyGuy2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

You might as well be comparing Infamous SS to Fat Princess. There is no correlation between the two games so I don't see why you're sticking to MGS 4 as if it were the only game to exist last gen. Uncharted 3 was like a 40Gb download, why not compare that?

MGS 4 wasn't the biggest game, it wasn't the smallest, it didn't have the most 1080p CGI cutscenes, it is in no way connected to Infamous, it is in no way a showcase for the standard size of a PS3 game.

You can't even answer why you chose MGS4, your entire point (if you can call it that) was to bring to light the PS3 disc padding of duplicate content to shrink disc read times/loading.
We all already knew this, who cares?

Death2182d ago

We need to start putting all this down in writing so it's easier to track. I'm almost kind of mostly positive I was saying 24 gigs for a digital game is huge. For whatever self entitled unrealistic reasons I have children disagreeing with that statement since they feel the digital footprint should be bigger.

Yes, Blu-rays have duplicated data. If people think 24 gigs is small because Blu-ray games can be bigger, it's for the wrong reasons. If they feel 24 is too small and it should be twice that, they should find a new hobby. I am sure Infamous will be a fantastic game at 24 gigs and wish the developer all the success they deserve. The last thing they need is people bitching about it's size without playing the game.

24 gigs is more than enough for a game on either the PS4 or Xbox One. I am sure Infamous will not suffer due to the download size. I am sorry if that offends you.

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Blaze9292183d ago

whats the deal with games being this huge this gen anyway? Uncompressed files this time around? This is getting ridiculous

Conzul2183d ago

Higher quality textures are by far the biggest factor. That, and 1080p pre-rendered cutscenes.

ramiuk12183d ago

it will be loing enough.
because games have to be installed this gen i expect files are compressed slighty unlike how they was last gen

Z_-_D_-_32183d ago

I hope we get a demo soon

FamilyGuy2183d ago

This is an open world game, compare it's file size to other open world games.

24Gbs is not a small game.

Sy_Wolf2183d ago

Skyrim for on a single DVD. Game length and file size are not related.

stragomccloud2183d ago

Small game size usually just means lite on pre rendered cutscenes. I don't think you have anything to worry about.

By the way, Final Fantasy VI is a 40 hour plus RPG, far more epic than most any game these days, has 61 audio tracks, and that game is under 3 megabytes. Food for thought. Size isn't everything.

stragomccloud2182d ago

How could anyone disagree with this?

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Father__Merrin2183d ago

24gb isn't too bad tbh

it's a massive download though


Bonkerz2183d ago

O boy thats it? A game that has these amazing graphics, and the size is that small? Doesnt look good for the story mode... Seems like yet another super short title...

WeAreLegion2183d ago

They've said multiple times that it's easily as long as, if not longer than, the other two titles. You're looking at about 30 hours on the first playthrough. These are NOT short games.

OculusRift2183d ago

We don't have to hope... I can see that he is correct.

KwietStorm2183d ago

30 hours? What do you tip toe through the game? It's never been that long unless you're talking about completing everything.

LexHazard792183d ago

Im assuming you mean 30hrs completing everything on 1st playthrough..

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Sly-Lupin2183d ago

Seems like yet another poster who has no idea what file size represents.

Fun fact: most of the GB in your game downloads are music and video files (which are frequently uncompressed, resulting in horrendously bloated filesizes). The actual stuff that makes up GAMEPLAY generally doesn't take up much space at all.

For example, Assassin's Creed 2, one of the BIGGEST games of the last generation in terms of both content and traversable world, is only 6GB on Steam.

GarrusVakarian2183d ago

"Assassin's Creed 2, one of the BIGGEST games of the last generation in terms of both content and traversable world, is only 6GB on Steam."

Damn, really? That's crazy. Proof that file size does not necessarily represent campaign length.

snake91822183d ago

Well considering the install size for the previous two on disk were tiny like only a couple of megabytes, I wouldn't say this is gonna be short.

Dynasty20212183d ago

And £54.99 (ripoff) no doubt.

Why anyone is using the store to buy games for around £15 more than, say, Amazon, is beyond me.

Mr_cheese2183d ago

I do agree with the fact that the store is overly priced when compared to the rest of the internet, but on the plus side, things like the introduction of Amazon's digital playstation store will start to drive lower digital prices and competition. I hope that is the case anyway...

But to be fair, I still enjoy and always will enjoy the physical product over the digital.

GarrusVakarian2183d ago

Agreed, especially seeing as you normally get free release day delivery on videogames.

I have Infamous SS pre ordered for £45 on Amazon with free release day delivery. There's no way i would pay an extra £10 just to play it a a few hours earlier.

KUV19772183d ago

I am ok with the store prices. Not happy but ok. What really ticks me off is that the US will get a free upgrade to limited edition content at no additional cost. In EU, where you pay more for the game anyway (and don't tell me it's all taxes) they take extra money for the dlc stuff...

ramiuk12183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

i got special edition with hat etc for £48 delivered .

im sure when digital first came about we was told price wa gonna be alot lower as it cant be shared and resold

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logan_izer102183d ago

Currently working towards my Masters in Computer science and one thing I've learned is that file size is not a good indication of length

MasterCornholio2183d ago

Really sloppy coding can cause a game to be ridiculous in size. Like COD for example.

logan_izer102183d ago

Precisely. Plus this has no multiplayer mode. When you consider that battlefield 4 map packs get up to 5 gigs. Well, you get the idea