2014 Year to Date Sales and Market Share

WiiU 407,371 YTD
PS4 1,700,237 YTD
XOne 625,911 YTD

Market Share:

WiiU 14.9%
PS4 62.2%
XOne 22.9%

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TheLyonKing2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

crazy number the ps4 has pushed so far this year.

Keep up the good work Sony.

Also side note ps3 is beating xbox one a sign of sony's strength and depth in this industry or MS own failings or both, thoughts?

xHeavYx2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Damn, PS4 owns 62.2% of the marketshare so far, crazy numbers that will only get better

Neonridr2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

for this year, that is not representative of the actual market share Sony owns.

But still impressive regardless.

Infamous2982179d ago

There was an estimate about PS4 having 60.0% market share, some fanboys denied that haha. 6th generation all over again :).

Muerte24942179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

These numbers are just estimates and we know VGChartz history. They're liberal with Xbox sales and very conservative with Playstation's. I like the more for less approach Sony has taken with PS4. Now take that and apply to the rest of your division and you'll definitely see increase in consumption for Sony products.


Don't know why you felt like you needed to state the obvious there. That's clearly apparent from the "YTD (year to date)" as oppose to "LTD (life to date)".

ABizzel12179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Dem sales

For entertainments sake there's usually around 250m+ consoles sold, so based on these percentages (although things can change, and it's better to get a full year of sales) the current rankings for total sales would be.

Wii U: 37.3M
PS4: 155.5M
XBO: 57.3M

Those who are saying PS2 sales will never happen again might want to rethink that. If that percentage keeps up then the PS4 is going to blow the competition out of the water.

The Wii U has a tougher battle ahead of it, but this year is going to determine the success or failure of the Wii U with two of it's biggest franchises hitting the console this year, a potential price drop / extreme bundle around the holiday, and hopefully other big franchises come E3 this will be make or break for Nintendo. Nintendo doesn't have much leeway on pricing because they're already at $300 which is usually the starting price for mass appeal, yet they're still struggling. 2014 is make or break time.

The good news for the XBO is it's expensive. Meaning it has several price cuts it can make over the years to keep interest in the console. MS has the chance to do what Sony did with the PS3 last gen if they play their cards right (although I doubt they'll surpass the PS4 without something major like a massively discounted subsidize console through TV providers). By the end of this year I guarantee we'll see a $399 XBO or close to it. They'll ride the wave of increase sales, then 2015 we'll see amazing bundles for the XBO, then 2016 we'll a $299 XBO and by then people will be looking for a second console, and that will be their chance to shine and make a comeback.

These numbers are crazy, but I think we'll see something closer to

Wii U: 40 - 50m
PS4: 120m - 160m
XBO: 60m - 80m

when it's all said and done, which looks a lot better for Nintendo and MS, and not as bad as the PS2 era beatdown. Nintendo will reach the magic $200 price point first, which should spawn plenty of sales (it was the price I bought my Wii U for new). MS has until 2016 to reach all of it's regions, and develop a killer line-up of exclusives for the holiday and drop the price down to $300, so people looking for a second console will chose XBO first. Sony just needs to keep doing what their doing, upgrading the OS and services, and producing diverse AAA exclusives this gen is in the bag for them, unless disaster strikes.

scott1822179d ago

I didn't expect it to be so high for some reason, PS4 killin it!

Hatsune-Miku2179d ago

Playstation for the whole nation. Playstation us synonymous with quality and that's what smart gamers want

Ps4 is the future and the future is ps4

darthv722178d ago

Hopefully all the numbers get better. I like a well rounded console gen with the real competition in the diverse creativity between platforms/exclusives.

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vigilante_man2179d ago

Great numbers for this year that will only get better as more sales from Japan are added.

And I think you answered your own question...

KakashiHotake2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

@TheLyonKing, I think it's both. All through 2012-2014 Sony has been handling PlayStation like a pro. And Microsoft has been doing the exact opposite. Microsoft is only just now trying to right their wrongs but the damage is already done. Right now sales of Xbox One and 360 combined don't even light a finger to PS4, while sales of PS3 is outpacing Xbox One and the 360 respectively.

I think one of the biggest problems is Microsoft have zero market presence in Japan. Which is the main reason the Wii U is right on their tail. Unless Microsoft can make some sort of impact in Japan they have zero chance of coming on top. It's just too great of a market to be ignored, on top of all their other issues.

NatureOfLogic2179d ago

PS4 is really dominating the competition. PS2 all over again.

PR_FROM_OHIO2179d ago

Damn SONY created a Monster with PS4!! Congrats

Ninver2178d ago

well said, and that's what it's all about.

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