USA Pre-Order Chart Week Ending March 1st, 2014

Top 5:
1. Titanfall (Xbox One): 378,466 (+58,911)
2. nFAMOUS: Second Son (PS4): 250,911 (+30,421)
3. Destiny (PS4): 239,989 (+3,179)
4. Destiny (XOne): 209,162 (+2,752)
5. Watch Dogs (PS4): 207,788 (+3,237)

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TheOmniGamer2180d ago

God damn, Titanfall is killing it, more than 100k pre-order in the past 2 weeks just in the US.

NatureOfLogic2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Titanfall numbers do look good, but I bet EA wish they had those Destiny numbers instead. Destiny open beta will drive sales even higher.

@TheOmniGamer, I agree that EA should be happy with their numbers. It's still a missed opportunity by EA in the end.

TheOmniGamer2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Nothing can stop the Bungie hype train especially with Activision behind them, I'm way more hyped for Destiny than Titanfall because I'm a huge Halo fan. I already have a $50 pre-order on a PS4 version of Destiny so I secure the collectors edition, but EA would hardly be disappointed with those numbers for Titanfall.

blitz06232180d ago

I'm more surprised inFAMOUS has that many preorders

Eonjay2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

This is also a week after the bundle announcement. So this tells us at least some of those should also be counted as Xbox One sales.

Note: Page says TF360 is releasing in 2 weeks. This isn't correct.

ThePope2180d ago


Preorders don't take bundles into account. And the 360 version does launch in 3 weeks.

PeaSFor2180d ago

i wonder if my digital preorder of Infamous:SS is counted?

scott1822180d ago

Great job to infamous, I wasn't expecting that many this soon. I think Sony should do an official bundle..

NewMonday2179d ago

inFAMOUS doing great, at this rate it could outsell TitanFall worldwide in the PS4 vs XB1 showdown

other interesting numbers..

Knack is out selling both Ryse and Dead Rising 3 and almost matching Forza 5 at 1 million not counting digital sales.

abzdine2179d ago

good numbers! everyone benefits!
infamous will sell loads of copies. can't wait for march 21st.

FamilyGuy2179d ago

I'm surprised at the 360 and PC numbers for Titanfall being so low considering the massive differences in install bases.

Pre-orders alone are at a 10% attach rate for all X1 owners. March is going to be great for gamers of all platforms.

Eonjay2179d ago

@The Pope

According to this website the Xbox One and 360 versions are launching at the same week. They both say 2 weeks left. This is not correct.

About the bundles not being counted, how do we know that for sure. I'm serious. VGX tracked the Xbox One and PS4 preorders before they launched. They should be tracking this as well.

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GraveLord2180d ago

I bet this game will end being the best-selling Xbox One game until the next Call Of Duty hits.

Sci0n2179d ago Show
lolCHILLbro2180d ago

Titanfall is smashing inFAMOUS! never mind the Titanfall bundles with the digital codes and everyone going digital on Xbox One!

avengers19782180d ago

Infamous bundle is out doing XB1 bundle with TF.

dale_denton2180d ago

where is titanfall worldwide compared to infamous? don't worry i'll wait.

PeaSFor2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

casual shooters "a la COD" tend to be more popular and mainstream than "super heroe" games, so its not really surprising.

that said, the Infamous:SS numbers are really impressive when you take in account that the game obviously dont have the mega hype behind it like TitanFall, just sayin.

805Junior8052180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

These are just USA numbers, not worldwide. These numbers are closer to Titanfalls actual TOTAL preorders since US is the biggest FPS market and XBone hasn't sold well outside of America and some territories. Destiny and Infamous for PS4s numbers aren't close to the total preorder numbers since the PS4 did way better on a global scale and has more preorder numbers that aren't counted. Titanfall is doing well in the US I must say.

jjind2180d ago

Anything to shit on the XB1..smh

PeaSFor2180d ago

you sound kinda....insecure.

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press-start2180d ago

Calling it now i think Titanfall will sell

X1 - 1.5 million
Xbox360 - 3.5 million
PC - 500k

Total 5.5

all guess work of course

Back-to-Back2179d ago

At launch? Send me the drugs you're on.

Chriscrinkle182179d ago

@Back-to-black obviously he meant overall not at launch.... Think it through.

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DanielGearSolid2180d ago

Titanfall is killing it. But its the US aka FPS land. Not to mention the hype levels.

More surprised by Infamous tbh. 30k is pretty good for one week. I'm curious to see how both are doing with worldwide preorders, especially Titanfall, Xbox is very weak in EU right now. Maybe this'll give em a boost. But I guess we'll just have to wait for sales numbers

Bonkerz2180d ago

Good god lol, Titanfall cannot be stopped. Btw it seems a bit odd that, all the PS4 guys that were saying no problem just get it on PC blah blah lol, but PC and 360 numbers are low? Point proven, majority of gamers are on console, and that was just an excuse to make up for your insecurity of not getting this great game.

Godchild10202180d ago

Don't forget digital sales on Pc. Those won't show up on Vgchartz.

Bonkerz2180d ago

Impossible, dont you know PS4 fanboys dont buy digital.

Death2180d ago

If it's any consolation, NPD which employs hundreds if not thousands of emplyees across the globe can't track pre-orders. It's highly unlikely the 13 people "working" for VGC can track sales let alone pre-orders. I would take any numbers they release with a grain of salt.

WeAreLegion2180d ago


Nobody who plays PC games pre-orders PC games in a store. The fact that it's on-par with 360's pre-orders for the game is a testament to just how well it's going to do on PC.

mkis0072179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Surprised no one else brought this up...I think the only pc game I have ever preordered in store , was Bioshock 2 collectors edition. And only so I would get the collectors edtion stuff.

Most people either prepurchase it on origin, or buy it when it comes out...unlimited copies you Pc digital rules are way different fro console digital rules. due to an established infrastructure.

Ps digital preorders are not counted.

SmielmaN2180d ago

Tbh, I used to preorder EVERYTHING but now every different store has plenty of their exclusive DLC copies of new games so the only time I preorder is when best buy offers $10 off (or in reward points) or if there's a crazy edition with the statue inside. And even the statue limited editions are easier to find (except last of us, unreal what those prices are). So preordering is kind of a waste.

However, what I LOVE about preordering from bestbuy/future shop is that it arrives in my mailbox the day of release. But, then I miss out on seeing my buddy at Eb games and her huge fake boobs and spinner body. So it just depends on what mood I'm in hahaha

MysticStrummer2180d ago

More people will play TF on PC and 360 than on XB1.

KwietStorm2180d ago

Go off topic a little more. Can't hear you yet.

imt5582180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Well, 2.5 mil. XO's in USA and just 370k+ preorders A WEEK BEFORE launch.

For me, not good results because that game has such big hype.

Eonjay2180d ago

For a reference, use COD's 431,764 with 2 weeks to go back on 11/16/2013. This game added another 30k the following week and opened at 503k. So at 378k, TF is 53k behind COD at the same point in time. I'm not sure if TF can top COD. So far COD is the top selling XBO game and the number 1 for first week sales and preorder on Xbox One.

Eonjay2180d ago

Why preorder on PC? Its digital download. Its not like they are going to run out of copies.

ABizzel12180d ago

Pretty much everything is digital on PC, which is why sales never look great on these kind of charts.

Gamer19822180d ago

Titanfall is killing it?? since when was 370k killing it??

AngelicIceDiamond2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

@Gamer because its a new Ip.

378K pre-orders for a new console is very good, and very healthy numbers to start.

jjind2180d ago

Since it was more than infamous

Audiggity2180d ago

[Raises Hand]

370k is killing it for a system that hasn't been out for very long. 370k is killing it when you consider that the "superior" PS4's release of Infamous: Second Son is missing the 370k mark by well over 100,000 pre-orders [despite being released close to TF]. 370k is killing it because this doesn't include the bundled copies. 370k is killing it because it's not even including the 150k+ pre-orders from 360/PC.

So, that's when 370k began killing it, breh.

AceBlazer132180d ago

I don't think PC player bother with pre ordering since the majority buy digital, and the game is almost non existant on 360 that is bad for either Microsoft or EA money wise.

HaveAsandwich2180d ago

that's because no info has been released for those versions. gotta make sure the game actually shows up for the 360 first.

karl2180d ago

we are getting it on pc.. im sure titanfall will sell a lot.

but i ask u... how many xbox one copies has titanfall to sell to catch up to ps4 sales...?

that was the biggest argument about this game out there

i hope u dont believe every copy sold of this game is an xbox one bundle.. lol

again, i will try this out on pc, it looks killer and i hope its sells a million or more

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Game4life2180d ago

I'm thinking maybe a 400k+ opening for Imfamous right now. Thats pretty good.

WeAreLegion2180d ago

Great numbers across the board. Titanfall and inFamous will both be hits! I'm expecting high reviews for both, as well. It's strange that South Park isn't doing better though. I can't freakin' wait for that!

Game4life2180d ago

i know. I have my copy of south park coming tomorrow in the mail from amazon. That's all im doing next week for spring break. :) Hoping it has some legs though

SmielmaN2180d ago

Keep preaching brother! I'm am seriously so excited for the South Park game. I still have soooooo many games to play too with PS4 and PS3 and PS+! First world problems FTW!