Microsoft charges ahead with free-to-play Warface on the Xbox 360

Crysis maker Crytek is one of the hardcore video game makers that is experimenting with new platforms and business models. And in the case of Warface, the German video game maker is taking free-to-play gaming to the Xbox 360.

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SteamPowered2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Putting a f2p game onto last gen console isn't what I would call Charging Ahead, I would call it playing it safe, as the user base is massive. I would rather see them develop for the X1 though. The X1 needs a bigger library and this game would be a great option.

demonddel2183d ago

Wait what so if Microsoft supports the 360 it still get negative feedback wow I'm just flabbergasted

3-4-52183d ago

No, you just don't label it as "Charging ahead" though.

* Charging ahead would be them releasing a F2P ww2 FPS game with 30 maps + 100 guns on XB1

SteamPowered2183d ago

I'm not trying to be negative. Just saying 360 has a big install base and X1 is hurting for games and this would be a good opportunity to help out the adoption rate of new users by bulking up the games library.

Nolando2183d ago

I wouldn't say X1 is hurting for games. They got plenty of 3rd party and exclusives on the way as well s titanfall around the corner.

im glad this will be released on 360, will hold me over till I can afford a X1 :P

andrewsqual2183d ago

Charging ahead would have been them releasing something like this in 2006, but wait their size limit on content/downloads on Xbox Live in 2006 was 150mbs, forget what I said lol.

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spicelicka2183d ago

Actually they plan to bring it X1 eventually, I'm not sure where but i remember reading that they're just experimenting the success of f2p with xbox 360 and will bring the f2p model to the X1 as soon as they can.

OrangePowerz2183d ago

I fail to see how F2P is a new business model. We have F2P games for quite a while now.

demonddel2183d ago

You right it's only that way when a f2p game is released on a Sony console

OrangePowerz2183d ago

It's admirable how you feel the need to defend the Xbox, but that wasn't an anti Xbox comment just a comment about how badly phrased the description is it's not a new business model on any platform.

spicelicka2183d ago

It's still a new business model for the developers. They didn't say they're inventing a new business model just experimenting with different platforms, which is new for them. And they actually didn't directly even say that, the article elaborated it that way. You probably should stop nitpicking.

Applejack2183d ago

This is actually great news! I'm not sure if Microsoft had any F2P games that weren't locked behind a paywall before this but I hope this will become a new trend not only for the 360, but for the One as well.

DigitalRaptor2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

The article mention this:

"The game will debut in the second quarter for Xbox Live Gold members on the Xbox 360".

In answer to your question, World of Tanks is also locked behind the paywall, and if the trend continues, there never will be a F2P on Xbox that actually is free-to-play.

Applejack2183d ago

Wow, I must of missed that. Microsoft really needs to get it together and figure out what free to play actually means.

SilentNegotiator2183d ago

A F2P on a last gen system? 90% of Xbox 360's best games can be acquired for like, $20 or less each now - instead of paying to win, just buy one of the many great complete experiences for a few bucks.

coolbeans2183d ago

Does Warface actually have a pay-to-win system in place?

dontbhatin2183d ago

I don't think its hardly as bad as the other pay to win games out there. They really want to avoid that issue.

coolbeans2182d ago

I see. I'd definitely like to try it out when it releases.

Ghost_Nappa2183d ago

I played the warface beta. The graphics were bad the aiming is terrible and it had constant connection issues.

Immorals2183d ago

I played once, maybe twice. It's like a bad counterstrike mod

malokevi2183d ago

I'm in the Beta as well. I thought the shooting was good. I was also extremely impressed with the visuals, considering it's a F2P game on a last-gen system. There were, however, constant connection issues. If they manage to fix that, might be worth playing. Definitely a great option considering that the price is right.

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The story is too old to be commented.