Black Friday Video Game Deals

This holiday season gamers are in store for some great deals as the Xbox 360 tries to maintain it's one year head start, the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii try to break into the market and the PlayStation 2 tries to hold on as it's next gen cousin comes out to play. I've combed through the Black Friday ads for the two "big box" stores and they have some great deals on the day after Thanksgiving.

Best Buy:

Black Friday DealsBest Buy has some great deals for those looking to stock up on some great Xbox 360 titles. They have some really fun titles like Amped 3 and Table Tennis and a solid and scary title Condemned for $18.99.

There is also another Xbox 360 title, The Outfit, which will be available for the amazingly low price of $9.99. Also the best selling game on the Xbox 360, Activision's Call of Duty 2, and the new video game tie-in for Superman Returns for the PlayStation 2 will be available for $19.99 each.

Black Friday DealsBlack Friday Deals

Lastly, from Best Buy, is a great buy for the millions of PlayStation 2 owners who have picked up Guitar Hero or the newly released Guitar Hero II, wireless guitar controller for $39.99.

Circuit City:

Black Friday Deals

Circuit City has a couple of good deals on newer games, like Vice City Stories for the PSP and Scarface for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, for the reduced price of $29.99.

Black Friday DealsThere is also a great deal for anyone looking to pick up an Xbox 360 this Christmas. They are having a deal where, with the purchase of any Xbox 360 console, you will be able to pick up any game of your choosing. That means that any of the great titles that have recently come, like Gears of War and Call of Duty 3, can be yours with your purchase so it seems like the time to do it.

Those are some pretty good deals for gamers trying to both start a next generation gaming setup or just flesh it out with some great games.

Anyone going to get in on any of these awesome deals?

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death monk4448d ago

At $20 I'll definitely finally pick up Call of Duty 2.