'Big week' for Watch Dogs, product manager teases

Ubisoft could finally announce a release date for Watch Dogs this week, product manager David Thériault has suggested, who tweeted earlier today to say that it was a "big week" for the Watch Dogs team.

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starchild2178d ago

I hope it releases in March or April. Most other "next gen" games aren't coming out until late 2014 so it's going to be a LOOOOONG drought if we don't get some more games between now and then.

Watch Dogs had promise, but the hype cooled a little on it because they haven't shown anything in a while and the game was delayed. Hopefully it turns out great.

BALLARD322178d ago

No way it's releasing this month unfortunately. They wouldn't have enough time to market it if so. Hopefully next month though.

Meltic2177d ago

You forgot infamous is coming in about 17 Days. Its next gen, Its an open World game. Surely good too. If i know ubisoft right they wont release it until late june. They like too tease people just Before release. Eather they delay a game or wait until the last q2 to release it.

starchild2177d ago

I didn't say there aren't any other next gen games between now and the end of the year, I just said that there aren't very many that we know about. I'm getting Infamous Second Son, but other than that there isn't much that interests me.

Geekman2178d ago

Saved me from blogging about how I was losing interest and we needed a new trailer. Thanks, Ubisoft.

GamersHeaven2178d ago

Sweet been looking forward to playing this on my PS4.

wonderfulmonkeyman2178d ago

I was interested until they delayed the version I wanted.
Now I'm playing the wait and see game.

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