Sony's Billion Dollar Mistake

How could Sony let Titanfall slip through their fingers?

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Mikelarry2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

the author says "Sony didn’t have to go to Respawn and EA, and give them tons of money for exclusive rights to Titanfall, but they should have done something"

then in the same paragraph says "They needed to show up at EA and say, “how much will Titanfall cost us, because we want it too.”

and im like WTF

also respawn wanted TF on the ps and was only made aware after the fact EA had done a backdoor deal with MS.

KGutche2182d ago

Not sure what you don't understand. Sony didn't have to pay a lot to make it an exclusive, but you should make sure they get a version of the game.

-Foxtrot2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Maybe Sony thought it wasn't worth it, I mean if the PS4 was selling poorly and Titanfall helped Microsoft put the PS4 in the shadows as it brought in more sales for the console then fair enough but Sony aren't even trying and the sales couldn't be better for them.

So at the end of the day what would be the point wasting money on just the one game when the sequel will be coming to your console in the future. As people point out Sony can't go around spending money willy nilly.

I mean EA only went a head with the deal because they most likely thought it was great how Microsoft wanted to standardize DRM in the console industry and bring in the other horrible policies like the ones on blocking used they most likely thought MS would have an early lead over Sony again

However that didn't happen did's basically went the OPPOSITE way EA wanted. So now they are probably kicking themselves with how many sales they've lost because of this decision. They might get some alright sale numbers but they'll always know deep down the numbers could of been better.

I like how calm Sony are in all this, basically letting the console sell it's self...I mean we don't know what half the other studios have in store for the PS4 while MS blew most of their cards at E3 LAST year.

LaChance2181d ago Show
darthv722181d ago

Sony has said they dont pay for exclusives. Yet funding the development in exchange for publishing rights could be a way around their belief.

Since EA was the primary holder of the IP, it was really up to them. Not Sony or Ms to decide. EA went with MS for this game but depending on how it sells the sequel is anyone's guess.

Unless MS made a deal with EA like they did with Epic for the Gears games.

MysticStrummer2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

“That’s a process that’s been done through the industry for many years. There are lots of single-platform titles. Obviously, you work with the first-parties to make sure the economics make sense for all sides, and we made that decision on Titanfall. We’re trying to make sure that we’ve developed a great relationship with them. We helped them on marketing, we helped them on development where they need it. And we try to maintain a strong partnership with them over time.”

EA made a deal with MS. Case closed.

@lolCHILL - "they were on Microsoft's stage at E3 and they wrote articles about Microsofts cloud, seemed like they knew everything to me"

Do you supposed those things happened AFTER the deal between EA and MS was made?


"trust me with millions on the table there is NO suprises for any company involved unless they want to get sued, dont be so naive"

Spoken like someone who has no idea what they're talking about. EA is the publisher. They made a deal. End of story.

iamnsuperman2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I think you have misunderstood the situation. EA thought the One (well before it was officially revealed) would sell better. Sony had no hope. Microsoft only had to show up with cash and that ruled out the PS4. EA have gone on record and said the One was going to obliterate the PS4. As far as EA was concerned if Microsoft offered money they win the best deal. Regardless of what Sony did

lolCHILLbro2181d ago

"also respawn wanted TF on the ps and was only made aware after the fact EA had done a backdoor deal with MS."

Maybe Respawn was just saying that to shut up the fanboys and avoid bad PR?

Respawn was in bed with Microsoft, they were on Microsoft's stage at E3 and they wrote articles about Microsofts cloud, seemed like they knew everything to me, trust me with millions on the table there is NO suprises for any company involved unless they want to get sued, dont be so naive

TomShoe2181d ago

OP's argument is kind of ridiculous. Billion dollar mistake? Now that is hyperbole to the fullest. While Titanfall is a good game, it's not going to erase the Xbox's deficit by itself, especially with the competition coming out with games of their own as well.

Allow me repost an old comment of mine:

"Keep in mind that EA made this deal back pre-E3, when it was assumed that Xbox was going to dominate the United States and this generation. This was also supposed to be a timed exclusive (Probably about 6 months, like PvZ: Garden Warfare).

After the E3 fallout, Microsoft hastily made a deal with EA for the lifetime, behind the back of Respawn. Zampella didn't seem too happy about that being done without his knowledge.

Because of how this gen has gone so far, I doubt EA is going to turn away from a larger install base, a greater chance of profits, and the potential to have an FPS title that can rival Call of Duty. For people that say Microsoft should just buy Respawn itself or the IP, Zampella is already rich himself, and one of the reasons he left Activision is because he didn't want to be bullied by another big-name publisher.

It could happen, but now that Titanfall is an established brand, I think that it's doubtful at best, especially since Sony isn't sitting on their hands either, rumors said that they're working on bringing it to PS as well."

TL;DR EA made a deal with MS, it didn't pan out as hoped, the sequel's up in the air.


When Sony gets an exclusive, they pay for the development of the game, and that includes all of the costs involved with producing it. They have a policy against money-hatting to keep the games off of other platforms.

Kingthrash3602181d ago

the way sony is selling out seems they made no mistake.

nukeitall2181d ago

Sony dropped the ball, because they didn't have the cloud infrastructure nor the services required, so Sony did not respond to Respawns request for their massive server needs.

From there, the ball kept rolling. It was developed for Microsoft platform on MS cloud technology, and eventually MS negotiated exclusive rights It all makes sense.

The fact that Sony would give you P2P with proxy servers on KillZone: Shadowfall, a flagship launch game and IP is very telling.

All of this was all decided way before the consoles reveal this past year, and likely happened 2-3 years back.


"However that didn't happen did's basically went the OPPOSITE way EA wanted. So now they are probably kicking themselves with how many sales they've lost because of this decision."

Maybe, and maybe not. If it was released on PS4, it might not have had the marketing push that MS is doing for EA. MS is doing everything it can to ensure Titanfall is strongly associated with Xbox, just like how Metal Gear Solid is with the Playstation brand.

Even if a deal wasn't made, well EA still had to port the game at a later date, not screw it up and still have rock solid cloud service infrastructre similar to Azure. We all know what happened to BF4!

SmielmaN2181d ago

$60 game x 17,000,000 = 1.02+ billion $.

Is the author implying that the PS3 and PS 4 versions would sell17 million copies together? Or is this article a fanboy click bait article for a troll war in the comments section?

asmith23062181d ago

69 disagrees and no agrees. That has got to be a record. Nobody ruin it, lets keep it going!

Eonjay2181d ago

How could Sony do any better than Sold Out? This article would be valid if Sony wansn't in the lead... It implies that once Titanfall goes on sale, the PS4 sales will drop to 0.

Saigon2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

The other part that is missed in this article, is that most publishers and several developers never expected Sony to have the lead they currently have in acceptance and sales. No one expected them to take over this generation as it did at the start. Most devs and publishers and even some analyst have admitted they thought MS was going to be the outright winner due to what MS was doing way early on. MS at the time when Respawn started developing Titan Fall was way ahead of Sony; from the dev units to the concept of the XBO system. Sony at the time was too tight lipped and was not willing to share anything except to a few developers of its choice about the PS4. Surprisingly, because of the path chosen from each system developer, we see a significantly flipped result in sales and overall acceptance. This was missed in the article, and I think it has more importance than what some may think.

MazzingerZ2181d ago

It would have been a mistake to have payed for it because they wouldn't have any PS4 to sell anyway LOL

darthv722181d ago

@saigon: "most publishers and several developers never expected Sony to have the lead they currently have in acceptance and sales"

Kind of how the wii came and stole the sales rug right out from under MS & Sony last gen. Yet with all those sales, the wii became a dumping ground of cheap wares with some diamonds in the rough.

Not saying that would happen with the PS4 but lets hope not.

KGutche2181d ago

I defaulted to money, because that is how the world works, but my point was fight to get the game.

abzdine2181d ago

million dollar mistake? why is that?
game is available on PC and numbers show it's not a system seller.

Saigon2181d ago


You are actually correct. I myself thought the same thing as did many others. +b

sinspirit2181d ago


Sony has the servers. Titanfall is a very simple game to host. Simple AI, Physics, and only 6v6. The matchmaking is still the same thing we've had for years. Nothing new, nothing difficult.

When you look at Sony's first party games and then look at Titanfall you can see why they didn't see passion, work, or creativity in it. That's why they didn't care about it before.

The way Killzone MP is done makes it almost identical gameplay to dedicated servers. There is no lag-switching or any cheat that you can do with your connection because it still goes through their servers too.

Dude. Microsoft cloud "technology" is no different from a regular server. It isn't even more powerful than a typical server. It is simply just a bigger server. There isn't any "designed" around their cloud like it's unique. It's not new or special. BF4 is on dedicated servers with 64 players in land, sea, and air combat with destructible environments and other intense things for a dedicated server to process. Titanfall is a 6v6, much smaller map, scripted and simple physics, and stupid AI. You do the comparison. The server isn't even designed around what it's being used for and it isn't only for Live users.

We've seriously had Runescape since 2001. We had smarter AI on that game hosted on a server over a decade ago. AI that wander aimlessly or to prescripted points are not impressive. You can hardly call them AI.

NeloAnjelo2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Sony rarely pays for exclusives... Unlike MS, who may own the IPs but develops nothing. Gears, TitanFall, Ryse, Dead Rising, and many more.

Rather than develop IPs in house, MS rather pay to keep games off other devices. This staggers growth and developer choice, leading to an industry run by publishers and who has the most money.

Plus Sony doesn't need TitanFall to sell consoles. This game will only lead to a temporary boost for MS. If PS4 sells 1:1 in NA it's still a big achievement as that's MS's home market. PS4 will still outsell everything worldwide.

Withdreday2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Apparently the guys at wemissedtheexit aren't too creative in creating headlines...

Edit:lol, didn't even realize you might be the writer.

Seriously, come up with better headlines.

Giul_Xainx2181d ago

Honestly..... I am sick of hearing about titanfall. It is Microsofts last chance to get a number boost before Q4 reports start coming in. This sit needs to stop already. It keeps putting titanfall in a less neutral position, and only promotes negativity.

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HurstDarkStar2181d ago

Thanks for saving me time from reading this article, I figured there'd be some contradiction to this headline in it

TomShoe2181d ago

Thank you for not giving this guy clicks.

Ninver2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

i contributed to the cause as well, can i havez a bubbly?

Blaze9292181d ago

win some you loose some. im sure its the same feeling Microsoft still feels about Quantic Dream to this day. Except, not as lucrative.

805Junior8052181d ago

Sony obviously knew it was coming to PS4 and they weren't worried about it. MS HAD to do something because the XBone was such a let down and had to give an insentive for people to buy an Xbone. If this was on all platforms, do you honestly think that Sony would be pulling the same stunts as MS and give away Titanfall with a purchase of a PS4? Lol..

Kryptonite42O2181d ago

Titanfall was secured as an exclusive long before they had trouble selling the X1 and long before it was considered a "let down"

805Junior8052181d ago

No.... It was a timed exclusive. MS sealed the deal behind Respawns back with EA shortly before the consoles release due to preorder numbers. They knew it was a let down.

Kryptonite42O2180d ago

Timed exclusive or not, it was an exclusive, long BEFORE E3 2013. It wasn't until E3 when people started having doubts.

"Being one of the major franchises that was rumored to be a Microsoft exclusive, this news reaffirms the speculation as a source on NeoGAF says that TitanFall will be a one year timed exclusive for the Xbox One and PC"
"will still have to wait until E3, probably the Microsoft Press Event on Monday June 10th"

It was exclusive (timed or not it doesn't matter) before E3... It wasn't until E3 That MS started pooping the bed with all their dumb policies. Before e3, many people, developers included, thougth xbox was going to dominate this gen, especially when it comes to fps in its main market of NA and EU.
So yes ill say it again... Titanfall was secured as an exclusive before E3, and long before it was considered a "let down".


strifeblade2181d ago

you know when you say that its a back door deal and poor innocent vincent zampella had no idea what was going on... lol nad you think thats true? Well i guess everything that comes out of their mouths is true just like when they said titanfall is only possible with the cloud and microsoft dedicated servers, or the fact they went to sony and microsoft and only microsoft returned to them with an answer... lol you believe that too?

correct me if im wrong but both of these points respawn stated conflict with eachother. Here is how it actually went down. Every company including respawn know exactly what they are doing, and they dont want to piss off potential future ps4 customers, respawn took the deal because it was profitable and they needed dedicated servers somerthing sony was not offering. Even killzone does not run on dedicated servers.

Yo Mama2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

And who do you think is responsible for said "backdoor deal"? Ex Corporate Vice President of the Interactive Entertainment Business of Microsoft Corp, Peter Moore. Coincidence? I think not.

Kryptonite42O2181d ago

"Sony came out swing, by having a Killzone launch game and redesigning their controller to be more FPS friendly. (I’m such good gamer, it doesn’t matter what controller I have, but for some ignorant people it matters."

The author claims he's this great fps gamer, but states in the paragraph before that "By the time Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 came out FPS was on the rise with no end in site. The generation started off huge, with Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat"

Modern Combat?? really..? this guy is a true fps gamer, yet can't get the title right?

Not to mention the fact that he doesn't even give Battlefield an honorable mention anywhere..

Plus I'm sure MS paid big money to keep it an exclusive.. Sony most likely didn't even have a say in the matter..

dumb article.

ShwankyShpanky2181d ago

Between that, "no end in site," and stuff like his references to "multiplier FPS," the article appears to be the miraculous product of a functional illiterate.

hankmoody2181d ago

Where'd you hear they wanted it on the PS? Never heard one quote from Respawn in regards to this. The surprise deal I saw quotes on but never did I see anything that specifically stated that they wanted to put the game out on the PS.

Mikelarry2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )


"When you boil it down, we would love to be everywhere, but we're just starting out," Emslie explained. "It comes down to quality, not quantity. We have a fantastic relationship with Microsoft. It just boiled down to, okay, how can we hit this as hard as can and get it on as many platforms as possible and deliver the quality, the 60 hertz, out of the gate? That was the goal.

"We of course would want to go further in the future with stuff, but we're just starting out. It's pretty frustrating! We want to be everywhere. We want to put Titanfall everywhere, but that's where we're at. We're starting there"


Tony-A2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

No doubt the game will do well for the Xbox One when it launches, but system seller? Most likely not.

Ignore the fact that it's on PC for a moment and look at the other platform it's on: Xbox 360

With no major graphical leap and a much smaller and less popular online community than the predecessor, I see no reason as to why anyone would buy a $500 machine to play a game that their friends are probably playing on the much more favored console (however old it may be).

There is absolutely no excuse to buy a whole new console for one game when it's available on the older one and looks/plays nearly identical.

And as for the exclusivity... unless it's a massive success like MS is rooting for, expect a "Titanfall: Heavy Metal Edition" coming to PlayStation platforms later this year.

Ashby_JC2181d ago

Looks and plays identical??

I wasn't aware that anyone had seen or played the 360 version.

It may indeed be identical...but we the public are not privy that information.

And as far as buying a console for one game. I have done it in the past...I got a ps3 to play uncharted 2.

Yes the game is on the 360. But there are many that are looking to upgrade and this is as good a time any.

You also have to take into account that anyone buying a Xbox one for titanfall...well most likely buy games already available.....and games the future.

Just like when I got my ps3...I purchased other games then uncharted 2.

chrismichaels042181d ago

More like "EA lost out on a huge sales opportunity to bring Titanfall to the PS4." PS4's are selling very well right now without Titanfall. Sony doesnt need Titanfall to sell PS4 consoles....but EA definitely would have enjoyed having an additional 6 million customers to market to.

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THC CELL2182d ago

Sony did right letting this one go past them its a call of duty clone with Mech, 6v6 is very last Gen for a game like this and it will gain sales due to lack of games on the xone

Why are people digging up EA they are the worst developers ever, only games I have ever enjoyed was bf and burnout.

Its not even a next gen game lol

Xbox should enjoy this and I do hope 2 stays at exclusive so Sony can focus on when they do best.

hankmoody2181d ago

The fact that you're saying it's a CoD clone with mechs is proof positive you haven't played the game. I usually wait to play a game before I trash it, you should try that approach.

fonger082181d ago

So you're saying Sony doesn't like money? Cause I'm pretty sure they need just about everything and anything to help make not only the Playstation division but Sony as a whole profitable. Whether you like COD or not, it definitely helped push both PS3s and Xboxs out the door and TitanFall will likely do the same for the X1 and even still the 360. No company wants to turn down a perhaps billion dollar game.

Aquariusgamer2181d ago

Sony can barely keep consoles on the shelves without titanfall. How would having TF make any difference sales wise?

fonger082181d ago

Are you saying Titanfall won't move any consoles what-so-ever when bundled for free? Software drives console sales and profits for both companies and since both consoles are being sold at a loss, both need software to make any money.

Ashby_JC2181d ago

I wasn't aware that ea was a developer....I thought they just published games.

Gozer2182d ago

Sony blew its wad with the ps3 before the ps4 was launched.While MS was securing exclusives for the X1, sony was spending money on ps3 exclusives. That's why the ps4 has such a poor line up and the X1 has such a good line up now. This first year will likely belong to MS as far as games go.

PeaSFor2182d ago

i have yet to see what "good lineup" games you are talking about.

ramiuk12181d ago

Yeah im kinda scratching my head about that too.
EA is involved so unless MS pay up crazy money i expect EA to have some sort of clause for them to go elsewhere,be stupid not too.

SCW19822182d ago

So can you please tell me the powerhouse lineup that the xboxone has cause right now I really don't see it.

KGutche2182d ago

The current Xbox One lineup is a joke.

ramiuk12181d ago

i have ps4,xbone isnt what i want in a machine because of the direction MS has gone regarding media stuff,DRM will return i assure you.

but non of the systems have great library yet.
I think titanfall is MS ace and sony still has its deck covered.
Dead rising is crap
forza is boring
ryse is boring although pretty.
killzone is above average but stunning
knack is decent enough
warframe is good although i hate MTs.

i think within a few months and by the next games show it will all kick off and i expect Sony to start showing some killer games.

JoGam2181d ago

LOL..... Dude you should be a comedian.

avengers19782181d ago

I don't a Sony mistake here at all. XB1 first party devs are so weak that the have to pay tons of money to get 3rd party devs to make there exclusives. And the Infamous PS4 bundle is moving more units than the TitanFall XB1 bundle.

mike32UK2181d ago

I really would love to see you elaborate to see where you go with this....

Kiddcarter2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

@gozer Comments like this confuse me because I own both systems, and like 90 percent of the next gen games out now are on both systems, so this Xbox has a ton of games and ps has none stuff is stupid, yes each system has a number of exclusives, but neither system is outpacing the other soo much to the point you can say one has the games and the other doesn't, now if want to say Xbox has more games that appeal to you than Sony does, ok, but stop with this Sony has nothing to play and Xbox has it all crap, you look childish

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PeaSFor2182d ago

Im pretty sure with all the ps4 owner waiting for new games, EA must look at all those potential sales and hope the MS money bag was worth it in the long run, right now all we can do is wait&see if XbOne sales will rise because of the game(as much than MS expectation).

But....what if TitanFall dont stimulate XboxOne sales that much?

majiebeast2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

It wont stimulate Xbone sales for one Titanfall isnt even exclusive, it might cause a bump in sales for March, but after that the numbers will go back to normal.

I rather Sony spend their money on new IP's like LastofUs then moneyhat a game so it doesnt come out on other platforms. Sony rather funds games. Microsoft rather pays developers to keep their games off Playstation platforms.


yeah i really cant wait until titanfall is released and we can all finally come back to reality.
titan fall seems like it could be a great game and i do believe it will sell well. perhaps its release will even help ms bring monthly sales numbers close to ps4 for march/april. but one great game isnt going to catapult the xbox one to the top. xbox one has a significant gap between it and the ps4 to make up. 1 game isnt going to make that happen over night.

juuuust maybe though MS can look forward to xbox one being on top of the ps4 in monthly sales. or at least have those monthly numbers be close to ps4 numbers.

Rhezin2181d ago

WHO cares?!…it's a great exclusive for xbox one and sets it apart from ps4, which ALSO has a lot of unique exclusives. Ps4 really doesn't need Titanfall, it would be cool if it came to ps4 but it's not necessary. If you wanna play exclusive games just buy the system it's on!

Destrania2181d ago

'Exclusive for Xbox One' ... It's isn't even that.

Allsystemgamer2181d ago

Titanfall isn't an x1 exclusive though.