Video Games Don't Cause Violence

PlayMagazine writes: "Are video games a major cause of violence in modern society? Who is responsible for drawing the line between appropriate and inappropriate? Is the video game medium any more or less influential than other forms?

If video games can be said to cause violence, then pornography can be said to cause sex. Though this is a comparison that some might find far-fetched, over-simplistic or maybe even immoral, it’s not one that can be easily dismissed either. Both sex and violence are phenomena that predate written history and, indeed, mankind as a whole. Complex organisms of any and all persuasions are necessarily engaging in the continuation of their genes through the acts of consuming other living things for sustenance and seeking to sexually reproduce."

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Malice-Flare2181d ago

games are just the latest in long line of entertainment accused of corrupting youth...

i can't wait for these narrow minded people to grow old and fade away...

DC7772181d ago

There will always be people who can't differentiate fantasy from reality and do something stupid.

The number one show in the U.S. is about as violent as it gets but that's ok.

Just have common sense about what your kids are doing.