TimeSplitters 4 To Deal Final Blow To Xbox One

TimeSpliiters 3 was the last of the series, released in 2008 on Xbox, PS2 and GameCube it was hugely popular with gaming fans throughout. Timesplitters 4 has been a whistle in the wind but no confirmation or whisper had been given on a possible new game until now.

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Majin-vegeta2177d ago

I would kill(Not literally) for a TS HD collection.If they are working on a TS 4 to hold us over till then.

Mr_cheese2177d ago

I really liked VIRUS mode!

press-start2177d ago

I loved VIRUS mode as well the whole game really even the campaign was good doe the multilayer was where it shined.

hook up PlayStation 2 Multitap and play that game for hours on end with friends(no monkeys allowed) arrhh the good old days.

duel Tommy guns FTW my fav

ZodTheRipper2177d ago

lol what an article, rumors on top of rumors

Hopefully someone is working on another TS but this article and especially it's headline is ridiculous.

BiggCMan2177d ago

Well TimeSplitters Rewind will basically be an HD Collection. Only thing is that it's only featuring multiplayer I believe and not the stories. Also it annoys me that he calls Future Perfect TS3, and that he believes it came out in 2008 when it came out in 2005 -_- Research....

3-4-52177d ago

I LOVE Timesplitters 2 for Gamecube.

* This game's multiplayer is really fun, the single player has tons of content.

* 50-100 multiplayer characters to unlock with different abilities.

* Create your own maps.

That was TS2, back in the early 2000's.

This game is going to hopefully be awesome.

VforVideogames2177d ago

Wow another HALO killer yesss!!!!!

pheature2177d ago

yo man im a ps4 owner/fan over the xbox 1
but halo 4 will be hard to beat.

ill buy an x1 just because of halo.

LexHazard792177d ago

Lol...theres always a Halo Killer that commits suicide after unsuccessful attempts.

I love me some Timesplitters but Halo Killer...

SegataSanshiro2177d ago



always loved watching Shawn of the dead and seeing timsplitters 2. good days of gaming.

XisThatKid2177d ago

I know there was a kickstarter for TS rewind, a HD remeake of the first(and only at this time) 3

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NatureOfLogic2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Imo, the final blow was dealt at Xbox One reveal and 180s. TS4 would be amazing on PS4. I hope it gets announced this year.

SmielmaN2177d ago

Let's get The GAF boys on this! I need more credible rumor mongers! Lol. I agree, with your assessment of the xbones biggest mistakes tho

TheOmniGamer2177d ago

Considering none of the Timesplitters games have sold over 1 million, in fact a ton have sold less than 0.5 million, I don't see how a franchise as Timesplitters is going to kill the Xbox One or have nearly as much impact as Titanfall.

yugovega2177d ago

agreed. granted i love timesplitters but it honestly doesn't sale. if it did we'd be on timesplitters 9 like call of duty.

SmielmaN2177d ago

However, a crytek made time splitters would have a broader appeal not only in the name of the game but the name of the developer.

DOMination-2177d ago

But the developer of TS was basically the best people from Rare. Slightly more credible than Crytek

Neonridr2177d ago

agreed, I loved Timesplitters as much as the next person, but no way would this one game kill the Xbox One.

The only games that are going to do that are 1st party Sony games.

KiLLUMiNATi_892177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

I'm surprise people don't see the bigger picture. Is this a hype to compare it to titanfall, since there are many that are butthurt?

Neonridr2177d ago

could be. I mean Timesplitters is fun, but I wouldn't compare that game to a game like Titanfall.

LexHazard792177d ago

6 very dedicated PS fanboys beg to smh.

Timesplitter 4 wont even faze XB1 if its true. I mean I'll buy it for PS4 if thats the case,but lets not get carried away!

Ninjamonkey822177d ago

Nostalgia factor and if the right people are behind the game i think the PlayStation public will do the talking wit there moneyz. But then again this is a rumor and has to be taken with a pinch off salt.

Ashby_JC2177d ago

It doesn't matter how many copies one game won't kill another console.

I never played TS so I hope it does add to the ps4 library

2cents2177d ago

I agree it probably wont kill the xbox one, but Timesplitters always had a comedic charm about it, never took itself too seriously which is why it was so much fun to play. Well, I guess the xbox massive have sunset overdrive which looks like it will have a similar over the top charm and humour to it.

Exciting times!


I don't either, I think it's fair though, Crytek gave us X1 users Ryse and TS for PS4!

hkgamer2177d ago

I just read more about timespltters rewind.. seems like its a fan made game and nothing to do with crytek UK/ the people behind the originals.

This article is kinda wrong about a load of things.

UnHoly_One2177d ago

I only ever played one Timesplitters game. I can't remember which it was, but I think it was on the PS2.

I hated it. lol

I've never understood why people get so excited for it, but to each his/her own.

Gamer19822177d ago

Sorry but it sold under 1 million in a generation when NOBODY bought FPS games on a console. Even COD sold poorly (also well under 1 million each on ps2 which sold over 120 million units) Thats because back then all FPS gamers were primarily PC gamers. Only Goldeneye sold well on consoles which is an amazing feat in itself really considering it was on a nintendo console. Most of the team who made Goldeneye moved on to form free radical who made TS.

Times have changed massively and FPS on consoles is the norm, trust me this will sell like hot cakes with enough marketing and buzz. It will get that.. It won't sell (recent) COD numbers but neither does HALO or Killzone..

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Dewitt2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Considering this series was already on Xbox and Crytek has a good relationship with MS this is just more insider bs.

maddskull2177d ago

it is not insider bs the devs that are making the game said that it will come to the ps4 but arent sure about the xbox one and they mght not make a xbone version.

Dewitt2177d ago

It says right in the article that our source tells us. Just all talk, I'll wait for the announcement.

rdgneoz32177d ago

Curious if that would have to do with launch parity, as they'd have to hold up the releases for the PS4 / PC versions in order to work on the xbone so they all release at the same time.