inFAMOUS Second Son TV spot makes its debut

Plus, full details on digital-only Legacy Edition, including Cole’s Legacy DLC

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Meltic2177d ago

Infamous 1 and 2 was very good. I cant wait and see what suckerpunch has done better with this game :). Graphics is only a + .

US8F2176d ago

I expected more from a TV spot, like some new game play footage, or new power reveals.

Meltic2176d ago

I hate spoilers and im very glad that suckerpunch hasn't revealed any new Powers. Its good as it is now with the reveals. New screens for tease is good but no more videos. Its only like 17-18 Days until launch. We can hold one just a Little bit longer :)

hazeblaze2176d ago

I would have been upset if they revealed a new power in the ad. I want as many surprises saved for my play through as possible.

FamilyGuy2176d ago

Power reveals? Gtfo here, why spoil the story in a 30 second ad? That's ridiculous.

I don't like the voice in this ad but this is a eu ad and I'm american so it probably sounds more normal in those countries.

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Speak_da_Truth2177d ago

Honestly i can't fuckin wait. This is my most anticipated game in the month of march and i pre-ordered the collectors edition before it sold out.

Meltic2177d ago

mee2. My store told me that they have asked suckerpunch if they could deliever the game 2 Days earlier. They said meaby so im getting it march 19 i hope !!!! :D

UnHoly_One2176d ago

Any word on whether or not the bonus DLC with the collector's edition will be sold separately?

I just want to buy the game digitally, and all I would want out of the collector's edition anyway is the DLC. I don't need any more junk sitting around like a stupid beanie I'm never going to wear. lol

That's one of my new goals going forward for this gen, is to buy everything digitally and not waste money and space on collector's editions that I don't need. I just want the game.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, but if anyone knows anything about the DLC being sold separately, please reply.

Bonkerz2177d ago

Graphics are very very good, but we all know that isnt what makes the game fun. Perfect examples are Killzone and Ryse, the 2 games that completely look gorgeous, but lacked alot in gameplay. We will have to see if this game delivers past the good looks.

chrisarsenalsavart2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Have u played infamous2 ?

shivvy242177d ago

Going by sp previous track records its gonna be great, I dont think these guys have ever made a bad game

Dynasty20212176d ago

No bad games for sure, just a bit dull and tedious after a while.

Infamous 2 got kinda boring pretty quick.

GarrusVakarian2176d ago

I agree that graphics don't = fun, Titanfall is a great example of that (im not trolling). But we do have 2 past Infamous games as indicators to how fun this one will be. People who loved the first 2 games will no doubt love this one.

Software_Lover2177d ago

I just can't get into it. Looks good graphically, but graphics aren't enough for me to purchase a game. I have the first two but bought them cheap. I'll probably do the same for this one.

I remember the first one was on PS+, but I had my copy by then.

sammyspam2176d ago

If it lives up to the second and first game I'll be a very happy fan. Love that more games are doing TV spots these days.

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