The 4 gamer types and why they matter

In the competitive market of game consoles, marketing can make or break a console. The tricky part is deciding how to market and advertise the console. Many people in the “gaming community” have assumed that there are two types of gamer, but what if there are actually 4 types, and companies need to market for all of them?

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Fanboyssuck272180d ago

What a poor article ps4 for hardcore gamers? Lol what a joke.
Nintendo has always been the company for hardcore gamers with the exception of the Wii.
Even xbone is more hardcore.

Sony is for casual gamers that are obsessed with graphics and sales, they are not interested in games or gameplay.

Beastforlifenoob2180d ago

How is the last of us, god of war, infamous, killzone, uncharted, the order 1886, resistance, etc,etc

Wait how is XBOX ONE or WII U hardcore but PS4 aint?

Fanboyssuck27 is a fanboy and the most blatant i have ever seen im asking myself why he aint banned yet

Sly-Lupin2180d ago

Wow, I share your disagreement, but every single title you listed is aimed at casual gamers.

Most AAA games are, you know.

Murad2179d ago

The reason the first few titles are more so casual is because they're aimed at a very high audience mark. Meaning, games like infamous the last of us are supposed to bring in new people to play the game, understand them. Then you have hardcore games, such as Battlefield or for example, DOTA. Those games specifically cater to fans of either shooter, or fans who like pain and suffering; just kidding about the pain and suffering part :P.

Alsybub2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Wow. This article is scathing of anyone who doesn't buy a PS4. Hardly good journalism.

It's basically saying that if you own a PS4 you are automatically a hardcore gamer and, by extension, cool. A member of an exclusive club.

If you decide to purchase any other platform you are clearly a loser that should be shunned by society and blamed for all negative press and attitudes aimed at the gaming community.

Clearly I'm a member of all of these groups, as I own each platform. I'm so confused.

S2Killinit2180d ago

Actually its a good read. Just because some people dont agree w him doesnt mean he isnt right on the money.


Nintendo is Hardcore they don't charge for on-line just like PC. They made all the right moves except including a real controller with the unit. the fact that you can use a portable hard drive on the unit was brilliant. I also like/own PS4 for its future games. I wish I purchased a xbox one instead though strictly for HALO. I love Halo. Over the last few years I have moved to PC I built my own, its easy you can do it as well trust me. Steam is great for saving money and the visuals a pc game offers over console is night and day. I would have not even have bought a ps4 except I cant play shooters with a keyboard and mouse. IF you can grab a PC drop in a video card GTX 760 should do you and never look back.

76erz242180d ago

This guy is so obviously a PS4 owner lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.