PlatinumGames' Creative Producer Attacks Polygon, Claims Games Journalists Should Go Back to School

DSOGaming writes: "According to Polygon’s headline, Bayonetta 2 is exclusive to WiiU due to changes in business situation. Kellams was obviously annoyed by Polygon’s headline that went berserk on Twitter. For what is worth, Polygon has changed the headline to “Why Nintendo was the right decision for Bayonetta 2“."

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TheLyonKing2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Use the term "Game Journalists" loosely a lot of them are just opinionated bedroom bloggers.

There are many writers who generally care about the industry and have in depth and detailed opinions on the whatever topic they write about, but we as a culture choose the sites that are headlined with flamebaited.

cleft52181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

You are right. People do like flamebait articles but Polyon was suppose to be different from a flamebait site. It's sad too, because I remember when there was first news about Polygon starting up and how it was going to be a place for elite journalist and be this incredibly reliable and credible site. I had a lot of hope for Polygon and then the site just turned into this warped joke. I see anything with Polygon name on it and I have no interest in ever clicking on it if it links to that site.

Mr_cheese2181d ago

Polygon(e) has done a lot of self harm over the past year. They continually spammed gaming news with their nonsense and then began to double back on itself and now, like you said, there will be no more clicking on Polygon, because I don't want to give them any ad revenue

Maybe I am being silly

iDadio2181d ago

They tried being controversial to make then stand out but it all ended up backfiring heavily, I for one am glad as Polygon is just awful.

abzdine2181d ago

problem is even worse than what he claims cause guys with no journalism knowledge what so ever claim to be journalists.
gaming "journalism" is broken and will never be taken seriously. all they are doing is loking for clicks, that's all.
it's all about repeating what one said and taking his words out of context and add subjectivity to the subject.

nukeitall2181d ago

I actually like Polygon, but Polygon like other mainstream gaming news site suffers from catering to headlines instead of good news. Eurogamer is another one I like, but they aren't free from the same issues.

It is an industry problem, that even large sites act like amateur blog sites.

Heck, just take a look at the popular news on n4g and you would know! N4G is the poster boy for this type of content especially with their PS4 biased users and....

Prime1572181d ago

Nukeitall, I still think the majority of n4g people are neutral, just sometimes articles bring a polarity view.

The difference between polygon/kotaku/ign/df/ect is that n4g doesn't do any journalism, it's user submitted articles and blogs. It's not trying to be like polygon.

True journalism isn't about clicks, it's about integrity. Listening to someone's whole speech and fixating on one line in an hour speech is click bait. A site that is supposed to be about journalism first doing that is a worrisome loss of integrity.

N4g is trying to be something else, that's all.

DonMingos2181d ago

@nukeitall, why am i not surprised that you actually like polygon?

And then you talk about "PS4 biased users".

I wonder where did you get those 2 extra brand new bubbles.

nukeitall2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )


n4g as a whole by users might no be, but even that I doubt based on the forum activity:

There are almost 4x the activity on Playstation than on Xbox, and that was also true pre this new generation.

That said, there is a group of mods and users with very high bubble count that is biased that steer this site. I have seen it over and over. Biased user suddenly turning silent, submitting [email protected] of articles and then MOD!

Apart from the non-duplicate stories positive Xbox news being censored by marking them duplicate.

It wouldn't surprise me if the biased mods are selecting more biased mods. There is a reason this is being discussed all over the interwebz.... do a search!

zeee2180d ago

POLYGON are the worst!

ShiftyLookingCow2180d ago

Ever since I read their stupid reviews of JRPG, I couldn't give a damn about Polygon.

It is just as bad as Kotaku.

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rdgneoz32181d ago

A "journalist" writing about other "journalists" going back to school, and he writes "also speaked about Bayonetta 2"? He can follow them to grammar school.

Summons752181d ago

I agree, the honest care writers who actually care about the subject matter get over shadowed. Even in the few gaming magazines that are still around don't act professional anymore, Game Informer always puts reviews with people who have no liking of a genre which causes a lot of games to get bad scores. I remember one time a Jrpg got a bad score when it was really good and when I read the reviewers bio it said he likes sports and racing games...

I think more gaming sites should require an english, creative writing, or journalism degree and have to prove they know how to analyze game design, level design, and how a story is constructed to give an unbiased review vs the bash or praise fest most blog sites give. Video game journalism needs some sort of reformation and restrictions because right now it's just running wild.

Wingsfan242181d ago

Kellams just explained Dualshockers in a nut shell. That IS all that site does, is take quotes from Twitter, twist the headline and viola it's on N4G and being spread around the net.

Godmars2902181d ago

Except in this specific case "Bedroom Bloggers" aren't the subject. Polygon, a supposedly a professional news and review site, is.

And like the longer established Kotaku, they've come under fire for speculation and bias. Started off under questionable circumstances given the documentary the did on MS, who then gave them a lot of money.

MightyNoX2181d ago

Not sure what the internets beef with Kotaku is (I'm serious), I just assumed it was because they may have an animu stigma but no other site has Banged the 'yay DRM' drum as loud and feverishly as Polygon. Arthur Gies and Benji Kuchera are now reviled names across the web.

Prime1572181d ago

Well said, gods. We turn(ed) to polygon to hear the facts presented unbiased, we turn to bloggers for opinions and perspective. When polygon stops(ed) presenting topics in an integral fashion then how can we continue to trust in their words.

Mighty, that's the problem, the "yay-drm" is an opinion. Reporting isn't yay anything. It should be, here's everything this drm thing involves whether I agree or not. Journalism isn't about opinions, it's about presenting everything about said subject without offering a bias.

donwel2181d ago

@MightyNoX Kotaku is owned by jezebel, that's pretty much all the information you need.

3-4-52181d ago

If the industry got together and agreed there needed to be some kind of standard or punishment for outright lying about a game, then we would get more of The Truth, The Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, with maybe a paragraph at the end stating their opinion.

* We want Who, Where, What,When, Why, How......

We don't need emo "journalist" to start bashing a game and then leave out 20 important facts because he's having a bad time with the game.

Godmars2902181d ago

But the industry is never going to get together like that. If anything, given how game publishers both mislead and attempt to dictate facts and access, we'd get more instances like Aliens Colonial Marines. Suffer bait and switch while getting nothing but 10/10 reviews.

Mr Pumblechook2181d ago

Polygon writers were all chosen for their allegiance to a certain console brand.
But the relationship is too incestuous, just last week Brian Crecente opened an article about Twitch on Xbox by celebrating how PlayStation Twitch is an inferior service (it's ok to say that after the Xbox launch when the service is available). In return Microsoft tweeted praising Crecente's bent article!

Don't forget the rumours that don't die that Polygon acts as 'dark PR' for MS in return for their substationall undeclared sponsorship.

The website is so bias I genuinely expect more honesty from OXM UK.

it's just ashamed that websites don't have to declare if console manufacturers are sponsoring editorial.

MajorLazer2181d ago

Agreed. The site 'Dualshockers' is utter shite too :L

Prime1572181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

See, I expect that from ds as it's more blogging of hot topics. Aka click bait. It is not trying to say they are journalists. They are not claiming to be something they are not, they are claiming to be what they and delivering it (whether you or I agree with them doing it is different).

Polygon, however, has had a reputation of unbiased journalism... and recently that reputation has been under scrutiny because of behind the scenes deals that can influence the unbiased into a bias masquerading as unbias.

Aka: journalistic integrity in question.

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Mikelarry2181d ago

Game developers and gamers should just ignore polygon and soon enough they will go away

DarkLord10032181d ago


CharlesSwann2181d ago

Why get pissed at polygon. Microsoft owns them.

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