Titanfall Alone Doesn’t Justify An Xbox One, But It’s A Start

Why the anticipated March release can't pull the Xbox One out of its slump by itself.

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DryBoneKoopa852178d ago

I wouldn't think it would. Microsoft does have more then Titan Fall though. I ALMOST picked up an Xbox one the other day. Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare looks awesome. Dead Rising 3 looks great. Titan Fall looks awesome as well.

I'm just a little hesitant at picking up a new Microsoft console within the first year. I was one of those guys who got burned three times with RROD. Just want to see how the first year pans out before jumping head in. I will say Microsoft is making it hard though which means there doing a great job!

Ketzicorn2178d ago

I got the RROD 8 or 9 times and I can tell you the X1 a solid console. Hardware stability I really dont think will be a problem with the X1.

FunAndGun2178d ago

How can you support a company after getting burned 8 times?!

twice probably would have been my limit...maybe 3 times, but 8!

Ketzicorn2178d ago

Fun And Gun Well first I dont support companies of anything solely I like certain products but try everything and try to give a at least a semi unbiased opinion I had two 360s they had problems with the Red Ring for many years but at least in my experience Microsoft always fixed it for no charge to me and the X1 is not the 360 its a new machine its built different and to me it seems a lot more stable.

Phoenix762178d ago

@Ketzicorn - I got the RROD 8 or 9 times and I can tell you the X1 a solid console.
I'm sorry but I belive the term, 'more money than sense' applys there.

creatchee2178d ago


"I'm sorry but I belive the term, 'more money than sense' applys there."

Orrrrrrrr he could have been under warranty for most or all of the RROD's?

Ketzicorn2178d ago

Phoenix Why? The repairs werent costing anything other than lost time gaming. Im not sticking up for the 360 its problems are known Im saying the X1 is not the 360 and it seems so far they have made a concerted effort not to repeat the 360s issues.

PraxxtorCruel2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Hold on I can twist the title too...

"Infamous alone doesn't justify the PS4, but it's a start." Does anyone ever consider that people bought an XB1 because they might either love Halo or Forza etc? I had two options, either purchase a PS4, look smart and play a game I didn't like (Killzone) or purchase a XB1, get name called like "more money than brains" but actually enjoy my favourite racer of last generation.

Why is it so hard for some of you to understand that?

Back-to-Back2178d ago

"I got the RROD 8 or 9 times and I can tell you the X1 a solid console."

MS loves people like you.

LexHazard792178d ago

Damn!! Ive never got yold on a 60gb ps3 tho..but thats about it. No way I go back with a xbox after 8 failures!

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ThePope2178d ago

Dead rising is a lot of fun. Its funny with all the hoopla over things like framerate and resolution, Dead Rising does a poor job in both yet is an absolute blast.

The X1 is a very well built machine. I wouldn’t be concerned.

Edvin19842178d ago

If I was you I wouldn't worry about the X1 RRODing on you. The system is very well built, and in all cases runs quieter than my PS4. I love both boxes and have a blast, but the PS4 gets really loud when I play KillZone not so much other games.

I am not having any issues with either console, but that don't mean something may not creep up. I did have to get my PS4 replaced, but not because the dang system was broke, but because the hard drive inside was DOA. It kept locking up, but that's not really Sony's fault there. In either case I think you'll be of just fine. Make the plunge with the Titanfall or Infamouse bundle both great deals!!

DryBoneKoopa852178d ago

I already own a PS4 and Wii U and was planning on picking up an X1 next year. Just wanted to make sure Microsoft had all the kinks worked out first before blindly buying like I did with the 360.

Glad to read though that Microsoft is working hard to update there dashboard as much as possible as well (Not a big fan of Windows 8).

Who knows maybe E3 can definitely put me over the edge. As of right now all I need is a little push to get me there.

Also nice to read from some of the comments here that the X1 is holding up well.

jasonc12132178d ago

Titanfall alone, no. Add Forza, Dead Rising and Killer Instinct to that and it justifies the purchase. I know people that bought the X1/Kinect @ $499.00 for Skype, voice commands and Peggle so it just depends on the consumer.

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Concertoine2178d ago

No one game can do that for a 500 dollar machine.
Sunset overdrive and quantum break looks cool, DR3 and KI look fun, and a new halo will also undoubtably be awesome. Overrall an xbone is not a bad console whatsoever, im sure it'll be looked back on as an underrated system overshadowed by the ps4 like the xbox and gamecube were to the ps2.

SliceOfTruth8882178d ago

well considering with inflation most of the consoles back in the day would have cost 500 today your entire post is worthless.

Concertoine2178d ago

My point is that there isnt a singular game that can sell an expensive piece of hardware. You dont see one game you want on a system and buy that system, you justify your purchase with more reasons first. This goes for all systems but the xbone in particular because it's the most expensive this gen.

VENOMACR12272178d ago

No one game can do that for a $400 machine either. Would you consider Knack or KZ a must have? Would you buy a PS4 specifically for one of those games?

No one should buy a system for 1 game. Now if you want to buy an X1 for TitanFall and other games either currently available or coming out, then def go for it. It's a solid system. I played the TF beta a lot and it's an awesome, fun game. Is it worth buying a $500 system just for 1 game? No. But if you want to pick up Plants vs Zombies, DR3, Forza, some multiplatform games, then yea you should buy one.

Concertoine2178d ago

Well of course. I didnt bring up the price to make a jab at it, 400 and 500 bucks are both a lot of money to blow.

malokevi2178d ago

exactly. No one game justifies a console purchase. People keep making this argument as if it's even remotely relevant. You buy a console expecting that there will be a plethora of software throughout the lifecycle to keep you busy. If one game in the launch window causes you to jump in, you can almost certainly expect more down the line.

I got my Xbox One and PS4 knowing that the initial offerings would be weak, but that eventually both consoles would more than justify their existence. That's just common sense.

christocolus2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

While i agree with the article i also see it as a matter of personal opinion. I know people who went out to buy a ps3 just to play tlou and uc, i have friends who are die hard zelda and mario fans and who wiill purchase any nintendo console for those games and its same with xbox. I got the original xbox to play halo, i know those who got the 360 just to play gears of war, my sister had to buy her kids an xbx 360 just to play kinect sports.

I believe titanfall will get a lot of xbx one consoles into homes but imo the majority of those who will buy the console for titanfal now are those who were probably waiting till the end of this year,sometime nxt year or for a price drop before purchasing one, either way its a good thing and there are definitly many more games to look forward to..titanfall just seems to be the first must have title for xbx fans for now especially those who love fps but down the road xbx fans still have Qb,Gears of war, Sunset O,Halo,Fable and Kinect sports:r( mostly for the kids) to look forward to.

2cents2178d ago


Its all down to personal preference. Its no different to people who buy the latest graphics cards for $$$$ just to run the latest game in 'ULTRA' mode.

I saw the value in the One, day one for , DR3, Ryse, and Forza. the free Kinect sports season pass and KI. Then the following months, peggle 2, Spartan Assault, Now tomb raider and waiting for Titanfall. So personally, I have justified my purchase to myself, but ofcourse that doesn't mean that everyone has the same taste in games. The justification of the price of admission will become more and more widespread as the variety of titles increase.

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headblackman2178d ago

that's for the people to decide with their dollars. not one writer!

MasterCornholio2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )


Yep and at the moment more people are voting on the PS4 than the Xbox One. Some random journalist isnt going to change that.

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