Naughty Dog “surprised no one has [found] the secrets we’ve dropped around the internet”

One of Naughty Dog‘s web developers dropped the comment on a blog post about The Last Of Us. With one last multiplayer DLC on the way for TLOU you have to wonder if he’s teasing something related to Uncharted on PS4?

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TheLyonKing2700d ago

Naughty Dog continue to be very proactive with its fans, great team that works there.

medman2700d ago

Man, I really wonder what the clues mean because there has been no shortage of speculation regarding that Uncharted teaser. So is Naughty Dog saying all of the speculation is dead wrong? I'm intrigued.

SuperBlur2700d ago

where are these clues? i have yet to see them as i dont actively keep track of ND/UC stories

shivvy242700d ago

Ive noticed alot of jak stuff , and just recently some art work

tbone5672700d ago

I don't think this game is popular enough for people to look.

thorstein2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

I think, quite honestly, that the clues lead to Henry Every, Thomas Tew, or Captain Kidd.

Quite likely, Henry Every will be the protagonists forebear like how Nathan Drake's forefather was Sir Francis Drake.

Henry plucked down one of the greatest hauls as a pirate and he hailed from Ile St. Marie (off Madagascar.) He then disappears not much after Captain Kidd's death, supposedly to retire in either Ireland or the Caribbean.

I think the plot of the new Uncharted is to find where he went with all that treasure: £600,000.

Added in edit: The clues point to Every certainly and perhaps to the Pirate Round. Mayhap the story revolves around the archives of those pirates that felt betrayed by Every (whether Every betrayed them or not isn't relevant). The narration most certainly is dealing with this.

Perhaps he is seeking out Every in order to kill him. And perhaps the protagonist, years later, is looking for the final resting place in order to find the treasure.

scootscottskeet932699d ago

Hahahahahahaha tbone ur a joke keep ur comments to urself

nirwanda2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

@thorstein I think the clues point to the game having a different lead character as the uncharted game didn't have a subtitle and also doesn't have anything to do with drake.
I think it will be a descendent from a pirate as noone still knows if libertieir (or however its spelt) existed.
Also there are alot of well known pirates that surposed to have lived there.
Henry every was known as king of the pirates.
Or the story may involve James Misson.

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erathaol2700d ago

I'm as surprised they haven't responded to any of my love letters.


logan_izer102700d ago

They respond to all of mine ;)

3-4-52700d ago

* If they are hinting to find clues it's because they want to reveal more, but we haven't found what they thought we would have by now.

The next reveal makes more sense if we figure out the clues.

just a theory though.

Mystogan2700d ago ShowReplies(6)
-Foxtrot2700d ago

All I want to know right now is that Nate, Sully and Elena will still be in this.

I would hate for this to be some prequel or spin's not Uncharted without Nate.

I really hope that guy in the trailer is someone who Drake screwed over years ago, it's a perfect time for Drakes past to see the light and we find out who he really is.

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES2700d ago

wow why the disagrees??? what you said was 100% true

kingduqc2700d ago

There is plenty of dev team that does much much more then sending a few hints before one of their games release as a PR stunt.

Like actually taking feedback, implemented features that the community ask and replying to the current stage of development of the game. Those "Secrets" aren't being pro active, it's just about starting the hype train.. learn the difference.

Gamer19822700d ago

When poeple know theres a hunt on they usually accept the challenge and the goal doesnt last long.. Remember that free Xbox hunt from the FIFA ad?? Didn't last long at all.. Now people know theres something to be found i'll give it a couple of days at most before the rumour mill goes into overdrive..

GribbleGrunger2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

Here we go folks! First footage of U4 by the looks of it:

Master-H2700d ago

Vids down :(, got mirror link bro ?

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XiSasukeUchiha2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

Naughty Dog are basically the deities of gaming

Shnooze2700d ago

Now that right there is just silly.

maximus19852700d ago

i read this in a sasuke voice in my head....

Hellsvacancy2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

A big bunch of trolls is what they are, i'm anxious to visually see what they've got lined up for us on the PS4

heisenberguk2700d ago

Me too after reading they're using the same engine they used for PS3 games

vigilante_man2700d ago

I hope the engine is not restricted by RAM as PS4 has 8GB compared to the 0.5GB of the PS3.

Most developers create awesome graphics and then shrink them down to fit the specific console. If they do indeed use the same engine but optimised for the PS4 then it may be true about an Uncharted Collection for PS4!

Uncharted 4 will be for the PS4 only, and not the PS3 so it will be interesting to see if they make larger environments or include more on-screen activities rather than just pimped graphics.

One thing is for sure - the world expects. ND are victims of their own success. The most important aspect will be a great story like in UC2 - UC3 was kind of mixed up on the story front.

imuze2700d ago

Why does that matter to you? Call of Duty has rested on its same old engine since 2005. All Naughty Dog games since have looked better then every call of duty. The last of us engine will be pure bliss on next gen.

heisenberguk2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

@imuze, You're really comparing Uncharted to COD and I'm anxious to see what they do because I'll be buying it day 1 like I have every other Uncharted! Why does what matters to me matter to you? Why did you feel the need to jump in to defend ND's honour like I was trolling or something? I wasn't even saying it in a critical way!!

styferion2700d ago

you must've not known what a 'game engine' is.

and yes, I know, I've created games using 'game engine'. 'game engine' is not console-restricted technologically, you can literally make 16-bit SNES-like games and full 3D games using a same 'game engine', it's a waste of tech if you make 16-bit games though.

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Naughty Dog knows how to make fun games. People overhype them like crazy but they know how to make a solid game.

Hellsvacancy2700d ago

If they make "solid" games the hype is justified

Blacklash932700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

Yeah. Whether or not something is worth hype, or lives up to hype, is for individuals to decide for themselves and only themselves.

Jdoki2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

I know I'll get flamed for this. But for me, Uncharted 3 and TLoU were solid and fun - but they didn't blow my doors off the way the Jak and Daxter series, or Uncharted 2 did.

The hype for their games and fevered reverence of them as a developer is pretty ridiculous - but to each their own. If people want to deify them, they can.

I have no doubt they'll produce something awesome for Uncharted 4 - I'd just like to see something different than another cover based adventure game - no matter how profound the story is.

vigilante_man2700d ago

All 3 Uncharted games are in my top 10!

Trouble is we try to compare them against each of the UC games rather than against other games out there.

I have played each game at least 4 times fully through. Never get tired of playing them. If you have come from the 360 only world then beg or borrow a PS3 to play the past games. They really are fun.

Only a few games give you goose bumps when you just hear the music. Uncharted is one of them.

QuickdrawMcgraw2700d ago

I am a UC fan..That being said...I thought UC3 was not up to the standard of the 1st two games...I actually thought the new Tomb Raider was a a lot better...Both in visuals and game play...Hope UC4 takes back it's crown...This is just one man's opinion...

BlackTar1872700d ago

I can jump ont he agree train fro UC3. Last of us is amazing and could be the best game last gen.

I won't say it's the best cause i enjoyed Fallout 3 and NV so much i've played and beaten then more then once.

elninels2700d ago

No, solid doesnt justify the fanboyisms that people exhibit regarding anything remotely ND related. I immensely enjoyed the last of us, buts its not the pinnacle of gaming like so many say. The hype is almost always bigger than the game.

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WalterWJR2700d ago

But if they made games for Nintendo they would be Gods's right?

SonyStyled2700d ago

oh no. that would be very Naughty of them

CEOSteveBallmer2700d ago

yeah right. then what games are worth the hype? titanfall?

Jdoki2700d ago

Unfortunately these days not a lot is worth the hype in my opinion - but I'm old :)

I find a lot of Indie games are more hype-worthy than AAA's.

Last game I would say that really deserved the hype was Batman Arkham City as it was the follow up to such an unexpectedly good game. Whether it totally met the hype is another story...

darx2700d ago

I see that the Naughty Dog blowing has begun...more to follow.

Mikelarry2700d ago

You seem no to like naughty dog but yet here you are commenting on a topic about them.... i mean come on

KingPin2700d ago

@mike so whats your point?
darx is allowed to express his dislike for something on the same board. last time i checked, its called freedom of speech. or is he only allowed to comment about something when he likes it or when his opinion agrees with yours?

im not agreeing with Darx either. im just saying everyone is entitled to their opinions, both good and bad, and you shouldn't be telling them whether they can express themselves or not.

its like me telling you, "oh so you dont like his comment yet you responded to it...i mean come on". see what i did there.

Mikelarry2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

@ kinpin

i never said he is not allowed to express himself whether good or bad but at least keep it on topic.

his comment " i see the naughty dog blowing has begun" is a childish dig at the other gamers who are excited for what the developer has in-store for them

saint_seya2700d ago

So darx can express his opinion about ND but mike cant express his opionion about darx comment?

And if everyone is entitled to their opinion, why are you trying to attack mike's?

LackTrue4K2699d ago

@ saint_seya

"it's very obvious, KingPin is blowing darx"

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