Review: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (DarkZero)

Dom from DarkZero writes - "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow most likely caught people by surprise. For one, it was a title done by a western developer, MercurySteam, and not by legendary series producer Koji Igarashi and his Konami team. Two, it was in fact a rather great game, even if it did drop a lot of the mechanics that classify a Castlevania game and went in favour of the God of War template – blending the lore of the series into a title that focuses on action and story cutscenes. Even though Castlevania fans were divided by the title, it managed to pick up its fair share of fans, becoming the most sold Castlevania title to date. With a new band of followers on board ready for more mystical beast slaying, how does the sequel, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, hold up?"

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Tzuno2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

let me tell you something, i play this game now and is freakin' awesome ignore the stupid reviewers that play Sims 3 and WoW and don't know how to appreciate a game. The game is amazing step by step give it a chance and have patience and you will be amazed by the game. The music in this game truly in tone with horror atmosphere.

CorndogBurglar2185d ago

I don't get it either. The reviews are all over the place with this game. If a game is truly bad, then MOST of the reviews will show that.

Its just weird how all of the reviews really are scattered everywhere. But if you read the reviews, none of them say anything about it having poor gameplay or graphics.

Most of the complaints are nit-picky things that usually don't effect reviews this much.

Its very weird to me, because this game is awesome.

xander707692185d ago

It's clear that reviewers don't want to stray from the status quo. Given that this game has been pretty well-received by gamers that bought the game I can't think of any other reason why so many reviewers drag this game through the mud. Their peers have given it low scores so they will too.

Read through forums and you'll see that a lot of people are confused as to why this game gets such low scores. Personally for me it's easily 8/10 quality game, maybe even on the cusp of being a 9. Very enjoyable and mostly well-done game.