Why Microsoft’s Xbox One does not stand a chance in Japan

With a lack of exclusive games and Japan’s brand loyalty Microsoft is going to have a tough time breaking through to the land of the rising sun.

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KrisButtar2182d ago

I'm not a 100% sure about that even with the reasons the writer gave because if Microsoft released the X1 and said exclusive content is coming for FF15 and KH3 it likely will be a big deal.

Chaostar2182d ago

MS doesn't have exclusive content for those games, do they?

Link please?

KrisButtar2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

lol, No they haven't said anything. I was just pointing out that everyone says MS doesn't stand a chance in Japan and if they announced something like exclusive content for those games it could be a game changer for MS in Japan.

Edit: spelling

Chaostar2181d ago

Oh OK, you made it sound like they already had it.

Anyway, what makes you think that exclusive content for a couple of games will help them any more than full exclusive games helped the 360?

amiga-man2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

If M$ are losing in their previous stronghold America what chance will they seriously have in Japan?

otakukidd2181d ago

If lost Odyssey and blue dragon couldnt make the 360 big in japan , I don't think anything could

TomShoe2181d ago


I hate to be a downer, but I'll tell you right now, the Xbox isn't going to do well. It's a neverending circle really.

The Xbox doesn't sell in Japan because it doesn't have many Japan focused games.

It doesn't have many Japan focused games because Japanese developers don't make games for it.

Japanese developers don't make games for it because it's not profitable.

It's not profitable because there's barely any install base.

There's barely any install base because it doesn't sell!

It's a crappy cycle (much like the Vita) and I hate it, but I don't see it changing any time soon.

hkgamer2181d ago


360 had exclusives and had Japanese focused games. Basically they paid for devs to develop for them. Sadly it just didn't make too big of a difference and Japanese developers took advantage of taking ms money and then giving ps3 an enhanced version

KrisButtar2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I'm just thinking that MS are going to try something to try and have a strong start in Japan. I really can't see them rolling over to die at the beginning of this Gen.

Couple of the things MS might do are timed exclusives, buy exclusives, timed DLC and if they get the right games with the right stuff it could be interesting. Now how far they will go or how deep they reach in their pockets is another thing.

A crazy example would be a FF7 remake exclusive.

nukeitall2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Even if MS had Final Fantasy exclusive to Xbox One, I don't think they will succeed significantly to make a dent in Japan.

Japan is a strongly nationalistic country, with great pride. That means, products they have a long history with isn't easily replaced with a foreign brand. Heck, even a sh!tty American cars, the midwest that manufacturers them frowns upon Japanese cars. So the Japanese being even more nationalistic would make it almost impossible.

There are only two possible contenders in Japan, that is Sony and Nintendo (or another japanese company OR neither of them existed anymore).

This won't stop MS from trying, and I commend them for that, but they have a huge uphill battle there. Better stick to other regions that care!

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Bennibop2181d ago

For the 360 the had exclusive JRPGs and still didn't sell very well, this gen will be exactly the same.

Sarcasm2181d ago

Nope I disagree, it's not going to be exactly the same. It's going to be worse.

If I was a MS executive, I wouldn't bother trying for the Japanese market anymore. The amount of money spent versus the gain is simply not worth it. I would take my resources and start to try and win back the US and UK.

Magicite2181d ago

When did anything related Xbox had a chance in Asia?

HeartlessGamer2181d ago

If exclusive content does come to those games it will mostly be for the PS4 versions just saying

Baccra172181d ago

Not even tentacle rape, Gundam, or Son Goku could save Xbone now.

Godmars2902181d ago

Saying MS has the pull or even money to get FF15 and KH3 as exclusives, for just Japan nevermind the world, is like wishing for bottled orgasms.

KrisButtar2181d ago

True I may have gone a little extreme, but saying a company doesn't stand a chance without knowing what's going on behind closed doors is also wishful thinking is what I was getting at even with the reasons the article gave, its still not set in stone

JodyCones2181d ago

If anyone has exclusive content for KH3 and FF15, it's going to be PlayStation.

Godmars2902181d ago

"saying a company doesn't stand a chance without knowing what's going on behind closed doors is also wishful thinking"

Except there are the examples of two failed consoles. Ignoring the first Xbox, looking at how the 360 began strong then fell off despite over a year's lead and JRPG, looking at how the XB1 is coming into Japan on low key after the PS4's launch, even with FF15 and KH3 it would be going uphill. And as stated before it doesn't have them.

It really doesn't even have Titanfall to show off its strengths in the world market. How is it suppose to do better in Japan with crap like that going on?

Sarcasm2181d ago

The X360 was cheaper than the ps3, arguably had some of the best jrpg's catered to the Japanese market, as well as had all the western games that also catered to non-japanese people in Japan, and STILL didn't put a dent in the market.

What makes you think the Xbox One with its higher price tag, physically bulky system (Japanese people like smaller form factors), and lack of any games that cater to the market has any chance at all?

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7772181d ago


Did MS pay u to say that? 2 games ain'tgoing to make that system sell. FAIL

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Concertoine2182d ago

I think they did all they could with the xbox and 360, they seem to be doing even less with the xbone so theres not much point

dericb112181d ago

Good point. They used the 360 as a "Our system can play those game just as well or slightly better system.
This time Sony does really care if they have the games. And MS can't take ain't games from Sony because exclusives are exclusive and multiplats will run the same if not better on the PS4.

Concertoine2181d ago

Even then they had lost planet, dead rising, monster hunter frontier, lost odyssey, blue dragon, and a lot of other japanese-centric games that were exclusive or timed exclusive and even with all that they couldnt get their foot in the door.

vigilante_man2181d ago

They did not do all they could with the 360. They shut down 1st pasty studios and concentrated on the US and UK markets primarily.

Just look at Sony's approach. They welcome all development from AAA to indie games. They invest in studios and games not throwing money for exclusive DLC, etc.

Microsoft do come across very arrogant and narrow-minded in its approach to game development. Once you embrace gamers and developers they will embrace you back.

They could do quite well in Japan if they had the will and patience. Develop ties with Japanese developers and produce some Japanese specific games. They may well not see any benefit in the near future but if they stuck at it they may reap the rewards with any future console (if they decide to make another console).

Concertoine2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Im talking about the first few years, 2006-2008. After that they pretty much gave up, rightfully so. In that two year period they pretty much did all they could. The problem with xbox's chances in japan is the first xbox flopped there after lack of support, that led to a chain of non existent brand loyalty continuing with the 360. Even if they did everything right with the xbone in japan it probably still wouldnt top 2 million. At this point xbox systems are just a collectors item in japan.

They did produce a ton of japanese games actially. Lost odyssey, blue dragon, tales of vesparia, ninja gaiden 2, star ocean: the last hope, lost planet 1, dead rising 1, dead or alive 4... list goes on too.
Sony and nintendo are just too dominant for a 3rd competitor.

hkgamer2181d ago

360 came out with the right attitude and many things correct.

Friends list and user names across all games.


Custom song list

Mp game invites.

They also tried all they could for Japan.

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StarshipZero2182d ago

If the Xbox One is more expensive than the PS4 in Japan it has no chance. If they want to compete the Xbox One would have to be the equivalent of $299 not $499 and even still it would probably get outsold since the PS3 outsold the 360 by a heavy margin with a bigger price gap.

Mikelarry2181d ago

buhahahaha MS and japan in the same sentence. but honestly i do tip my hat to them for trying even when the clearly knew what they were going up against

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