Planets³ looks rather interesting....

New indie game Planets³ is looking to take the best bits of Skyrim and Minecraft, smush them together with a dash of Frontier: Elite II, and come up with something amazing - so long as developers Cubic Drift can get their game funded on Kickstarter, of course...

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wallis2183d ago

I love the look of this - actually pretty excited to see what they can do. Might even make a backer out of me, especially since they're promising a very near future PC release if they get funding.

Baylex2183d ago

This games is really interesting!! At least for me it looks much better than Minecraft... you can even build a motorcycle!! How cool is that?? :D AWSOME!!

3-4-52183d ago

Officially has my interest

WeAreLegion2183d ago

Count me in! That art direction is wonderful.

TheRealTedCruz2183d ago

I can see me put some time into this one, honestly.
Need to see more though.

imtheman20132183d ago

Color me extremely intrigued! LOVE the art style, and the concept of cube planets tickles me. Can't wait to see more on this!

Scenarist2183d ago

Smells like something "Epic" is brewing ! (if i can still use that word in 2014 )

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The story is too old to be commented.