Will Infamous: Second Son Save PS4′s Game Library?

Hockey Glory says:

Both Xbox One and PS4 have been available for a little more than three months. Lots of sequels and ports from last gen franchises, but when it comes to fresh experiences, PS4 is lacking.

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marcodias2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

who wrote this opinion piece seems to be a huge xbox fanboy, empty city? thats to be expected on the rain at night, you will have around 30 enemies around at the same mission, repetitive? its game you need to play yourself to understand, seeing isnt the same as playing, the only bad lighting and shadows are at night, which they didnt added to add effects to the rest of the game which looks amazing

chrismichaels042187d ago ShowReplies(8)
theDivision2187d ago

@Gamer666: I'm just going to say the ONLY game on that list remotely considered innovative and fresh is titanfall and the game isn't even out yet. A game can be innovative and be a sequel so long as it features new methods, advanced and or original ideas. Which sequels do contain....

d0nni32187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

Best way to deal with this is, click on the link under the read full story link rate WTF? and NO.

The artical is submitted by the author (which is fine) but the story is nothing but a glorified troll for hits. clicks make cash so make sure if you don't like the artical or the website to vote and it can be banned.

Edit: a look at the authors post history on this site paints a very similar picture as well, a lot of trolling and about as much fanboyism as the rest of us

yugovega2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

fanboy or not the writer is correct about titles. pointing out the obvious neither system has a vast amount of new content. everyone complained about the wiiu's launch lineup but looking back, it had much more to choose from then either of the 2 new systems. and as the year goes on i doubt either system will have more then 10 exclusives by years end, and even half of those will be sequels.

JoGam2188d ago

Sorry dude I disagree. It had a nice line up and inFamous SS will just add to the library of good games. Also I don't know why people have to assume a new console need to have PS2 library of games out the gate. Over time a new console's library will grow and get better and better over time.

What also gets me is the PS4 is selling FANTASTIC, I don't think saving is the right word to use.

Why o why2187d ago

Libraries grow. Nothing needs saving. Hasn't history taught some people anything about console industry early years. Infamous ss will be a welcome addition. Then it'll be on to the next one

gameseveryday2188d ago

It already has a great line up. It does not need saving :]

Eonjay2188d ago

Save it from being the top seller?

leemo192187d ago

Second Son will only add to the good library. The ps4 gaming library might not be to some peoples liking but you can't please everyone can you.

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The story is too old to be commented.