Current Game Music Doesn't Stand Out Because "It's Not Unique Anymore," Says Deus Ex Composer

When compared to older games, newer scores seem to be less memorable and “unique,” Deus Ex composer Alexander Brandon said today in a Q&A on Reddit.

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GarrusVakarian2180d ago

There's too much dubstep and too much "epic orchestra" type music. While i like the latter, it's way overused. As for the former....ugh.

Fire5251082180d ago

To be absolutely fair to dubstep, it can be used well.

The problem is it's forced on a lot of things that it doesn't really suit, with the recent Sonic Boom trailer a good example of this.

Neixus2179d ago

Yup, i don't mind dubstep if it actually fits the actions on screen.
For example DmC, had a pretty cool soundtrack that matched the scene.
The game however, wasn't that great.

GarrusVakarian2179d ago

Yeah, i agree. A game like Borderlands or something wacky that doesn't take itself too seriously would be perfect for dubstep. I still can't stand that genre though :p

erathaol2179d ago

One of the reasons I like 'Last of Us' is the simplicity of its music, it sets the perfect tone of the game by settling into something simple.

Yet, that music has hooks in it that allow for the narrative/game to build over. Especially the last sequence of the game.

There is a great deal of bland music out there, even in modern music culture but there are some unique songs still being made.

3-4-52179d ago

* If you use Orchestrated music, ALL your sounds , sound similar to all the sounds in EVERYONE elses game.

* Using MIDI or electronic or synth, you can create your own unique sounds that are specific to that game.

* When you hear the sounds from Super Mario World, you don't mistake what game those came from.

* All strings sound like strings, so all the violins in your game will sound like all the violins in 200 other games.

There is nothing that stands out.

People want "technically" better music, but technical does NOT = pleasing to listen to.

3-4-52179d ago

Dubstep is a terrible genre. Liked it for 2 months then I realized that every dub step artist uses 140 BPM and Transformer sound fx in EVERY SONG!

Every song is the same basically.

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DMLFury2179d ago

He should take a nice long listen to the Nier soundtrack.

karlowma2179d ago

This guy needs to listen to more than his own games, then, because the last 2-3 years have seen some of the best gaming soundtracks ever. Especially from the indie scene.

andrewer2179d ago

Last OST I really liked was the Assassin's Creed II one.

hankmoody2179d ago

I liked Dragon's Dogma's soundtrack quite a bit.

ceedubya92179d ago

The battle theme for that game is....imminent triumph I think it is my favorite. Gives me chills every time I hear it.

hankmoody2179d ago

The music that plays during the character creation segment is my absolute favorite:

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The story is too old to be commented.