First Batch Of Tickets For Stadium-Based Dota 2 Tournament Sold Out Within Minutes

ESL report ticket sales and event reception have been “overwhelming” - Dota 2 eSports competition set to fill World Cup football stadium

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That is pretty amazing, gaming is big bucks

iosgamer2183d ago

eSports needs more sponsors for the crowds it gets.

Neonridr2182d ago

It's ridiculous how big this specific game has become.

pandehz2182d ago

Dont even talk about it. Theres a DOTA 2 epidemic out there.

Pretty deep game that gave me a weird first impression.

Hella good

Neonridr2182d ago

anything that started off as a mod to Warcraft III is A-OK in my books.

allgamespc20122182d ago

While LoL got the most played PC game of 2013, Dota 2 got the award for fastest growing game of 2013, and its only going to get bigger.

JsonHenry2182d ago

Lol. PC gaming is dead guys, right? RIGHT? /s

il-JumperMT2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

DOTA is for real men. LoL is for kiddies who are unable to handle denieing, item slots and gold managment. Lets not mention LoL is pay to win.