Why the Reddit Leak confirms Titanfall as the first truly Next Gen Experience

Clickonline writes "Many people have questioned why a multiplayer shooter is being heralded as the Next Generation’s first real System Seller. Visually, this game is solid, if not titanic. But I would argue the quantity of AI computation running in the background cements this status… "

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StarshipZero2177d ago

Why do people keep saying this? The game is available on the 360 and uses the same servers.

It's a cross gen game.

Ron_Danger2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

It's because people are gullible. They want to believe the PR speek of MS suits so they can justify their purchase. Currently, the cloud is just dedicated servers, that's all.

Prove me wrong.

Where is the cloud actually used in a way to make it worthly of how much MS hyped it?

And before anyone says "adaptive AI", 2K Games did that with NFL2K on the Dreamcast without the Cloud.

Then there's the Cloud's (speculated) use in Sunset Overdrive where different features can be changed on the fly without patches. Which is the same thing Naughty Dog did with Uncharted 2 and 3's multiplayer. They could patch online, add features, adjust weapon stats all without signing out of the servers. Borderlands 2 did it also with the monster hunter quests last fall.

Try to keep responses mature so an actual conversation can take place.

2cents2176d ago

no-one want to prove you wrong. You just want to prove yourself right.

It boils down to the fact that titanfall can be played everywhere, but the PS4. That's the real reason your here, talking smack about the cloud. No one cares.

Ron_Danger2176d ago


And this is why we can't have nice things.

Why is it so hard for fanboys to actually respond to a question instead of throwing out a comment meant to distract.

All you did was post an off topic response that adds nothing to the current conversation. I've noticed this a lot lately. I post a question meant to stimulate some form of conversation so gamers can be more informed/ open minded about products and you, in turn, decide that attacking me with the thoughtless auto response of "can't play it on PS4" was the best approach.

2cents2176d ago

He is talking about gameplay, features and experience of a game. He is not selling the cloud. Your talking about MS and the cloud. Your off topic.

My answer is naturally off topic because I am responding to your off topic comment.

Im so sorry if you feel I 'attacked' you, lol.
I just call it as I see it.

Don't worry, Im sure I'll be bubbled down for my unbelievable behaviour.

k3x2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )


It might not be the cloud, but this Titanfall related drivel does sound like he's selling something. It's just cluelessness and rabid fanboism speaking in this case.

The author alleges that the bots somehow couldn't work on past-gen, even though we've seen bots and turrets and all kinds stuff in all kinds of games before. They're non-features, there's nothing exciting or new about them. He's taking a really crappy thing, turning it around and trying to make it sound like it's actually good. It isn't. The bots are useless and should have no place in online games. "AI controlled" -- give me a break. It's 2014 and the bots are still just as intelligent as a piece of rock on a string attached to your ankle. I play online to compete against other people; if I wanted a challenge from bots, I'd play single player games.

The author mentions graphics too. They are are solid, at best. Considering it's supposed to be a next-gen title though, I'd say they're underwhelming and disappointing.

There is nothing next-gen about Titanfall and no promised next-gen feature is required for it to work.

I've seen a lot of fanbois spew a lot of dumb shit over the years, but you guys really take it to the next level. Or should I say gen? I've never owned a console, and, to me, your little PS/Xbox wars have always been just as amusing as watching two uncoordinated retards bash each other with nerf bats. Probably a little less. I get it, though. You spend a considerable amount of money on a product and it's kind of not meeting your expectations. The thing is, you don't want to admit to anyone and especially not to yourself that you've made the wrong decision, so you defend it tooth and nail. It's quite natural with consumers of all kinds of stuff, not just video games. We don't need to hear about this stuff though, so just simmer down, quietly sell the console while assuring yourself that you need the money for more important expenses and you'll forget about this whole next-gen misadventure in no-time. Again, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR NEXT-GEN DRAMA. You're getting a COD remake with some bots and aim-assist thrown in so it attracts even more casuals. Deal with it.

2cents2176d ago

Thanks K3X, everything till your last paragraph was a good read. Then your assumptions of the honourable Ron Danger and myself revealed your true PC elitist beliefs.

This article is lame, The comments are mostly lame due to the content of the article (including mine) but its a quiet day at work so Im indulging in a little forum-play. My favourite part of this article is the way he ended it with "you have a frantic battlefield attainable ONLY using next gen hardware." lol.

How about you ask my opinion before you assume I want to have babies with my xbox one. I love my games consoles, as well as my handhelds, as well as my mobile, as well as my PC. You are coming across as a narrow minded PC lover that doesn't understand that fun is not dictated by specs or hardware but experience. There have been so many gems that have been exclusive to consoles over the generations that contributed to gaming, but you wouldn't know about that would you.

There is much petty squabbling amongst us gamers and most of it is in jest but the arrogance of the PC Elitist takes is to a whole new level. If you are so above console gaming, and look down on us as "uncoordinated retards bash each other with nerf bats" then what the hell are you doing here? You should be trolling rock paper shotgun where PC is king, not N4G, as you are not a gamer but a pretentious narrow minded individual who takes pleasure in belittling others for liking something that you deem inferior to your holy pc.

Shame on you.

Ra30302176d ago

I agree with you but I think the Microsoft paid hype machine is about to get into high gear when Titanfall releases. We'll see articles like " Titanfall, the only to play is on X1" or "Your stupid if you don't get X1 for Titanfall". I can't wait till it releases so we can move on to something else. Since last June at E3 Microsoft has been at it non stop. Funny thing is the money they spent to get the rights to Titanfall and marketing and hyping this game they'll be lucky to break even no matter how many they sell. And let's not for forget their latest tactic of giving Titanfall away in an attempt to sell a product very few want or can afford.

k3x2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )


There's no reason to be offended by my post unless you're a drooling fanboi who reacts in this way to comments about Titanfall: "It boils down to the fact that titanfall can be played everywhere, but the PS4." No, not everyone who doesn't worship Titanfall as the harbinger of next-gen games is a hateful, jealous PS4 fanboi. I thought I'd mention that I'm a PC gamer so you wouldn't knee-jerk assume that I must be a Sony fanboi. I know there are decent games on all systems and I'd gladly welcome some console-exclusive titles on my PC, which has nothing to do with the fact that articles like the one in question and posts like yours are the text equivalent of "uncoordinated retards bashing each other with nerf bats".

And why didn't I ask for your opinion? I wouldn't want you to strain yourself, but think a little harder than you usually do and you should be able to figure this one out on your own. Good luck.

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OptimisticPrime2177d ago

Technology "Only available on next gen"?

Sorry dude, xbox 360 runs it too. Same game.

Also, with limited knowledge of how game coding works I wanna say that battlefield 4 has way more going on behind the scenes than titanfall...

TheRedButterfly2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Same game? It's being developed by a completely different developer and we've neither seen nor heard even the slightest aspect of it.

Probably similar? Yes. Probably the same game? ehhh… I mean, it has the same name and the same publisher… But being developed by an entirely different studio? That sings a different song.

We'll all see when the X360 version drops on March 25th.

Ron_Danger2177d ago

Interesting response. You're acting like when Titanfall releases on the 360 that it's gonna be a 2D RTS. It's gonna be the same game. Just like when CoD released on PS3, PS4, 360, and XB1. Same game, different platform. If it was drastically different, they would say. Otherwise, what are they gonna say to all the angry 360 gamers who have it preordered?

TheRedButterfly2177d ago


All I'm doing is highlighting the fact that it's being made by a completely different studio and we've neither seen nor heard anything about it other than the fact that it was delayed.

XO/PC? Yeah, 2,000,000+ people have played that, and all the footage we've seen so far has been either XO or PC. We didn't even have the name of the X360 developers until a few days ago.

Also, the COD example is irrelevant to my reasoning for why X360 of Titanfall /might/ be less than identical.

gamer20132176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Has anyone here considered that the 360 version will be also be taking advantage of Microsoft's Azure cloud service? It's a possibility, but of course haters don't care as long as we're talking about anything MS/Xbox.