Keeping an eye on Bound by Flame

The writers at IM PLAYIN love a good RPG, and Bound by Flame seems to be shaping up to be just that.

"When Bound by Flame was announced on Valentine’s Day I perked up, started digging, then decided that the “All You Need To Know Video” was almost enough work for one day. I mean it’s all there: combat system; crafting system; skill trees; mini-map (interestingly, the mini-map wasn’t present in one of the underground fights, at least I didn’t notice it); storyline; characters. See for yourself"

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OmegaShen2183d ago

Seeing this game makes me thing Dragon Age mix with Elder Scrolls. I hope its good, but won't get hype about it yet. Because alot of games last gen were all talk.

SageShinigami2183d ago

Let's see if this game can shake off that low-budget feel.

Meltic2183d ago

meaby a release date soon. Cant wait