Interview: The Father of PlayStation

On the eve of the Play-Station 3 launch, Ken Kutaragi, the head of Sony Computer Entertainment and the creator of all three generations of the hit game console, took time off to give a rare interview to NEWSWEEK's Steven Levy, via phone from Tokyo.

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BIadestarX4453d ago

Stop this already! How much time does Sony needs to prove that the 360 is a piece of crap as they say it is. "Maybe within a year.", great! So, now everytime a game come out for the 360 that shows better graphics than the PS3 games or equal graphics it will mean nothing! And when a year passes Sony will say, "Well, developers had more time to work on the 360 games. and PS3 developer only have 1 year with the system... in a year." That's not what they said before. So, what they are saying is, don't expect anything better than the 360 at least for another year? Great! this is Great! more flame for another year.

zypher4453d ago

what are you talking about? the dude didn't even mention Microsoft or the 360. he simply said that in a years time he thinks developers will have grasped the potential of the PS3, and games will look superior. to what, he didn't say. he could've been inferring that in a years time games will look superior to launch titles. did you ever consider that? i understand that you may not like Sony, and you like to critique every itty-bitty thing that they do. but herein this article there is no substance to start a Microsoft/360 vs. Sony/PS3 debate. it's just one engineer talking about his product.

Weapon X4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

MS apologists cannot help themselves Zyph --

They believe what they want. Twist ANY story into what they want. Vote Lame, for the heck of it, vote offensive if you wrote a friggin' thesis telling them how whoppin' great they are -- it doesn't matter. I stopped negotiating quite a while ago. And, It just feels right.

You know the truth. You've heard my mantra. You know the numbers. MS loyalists are frustrated and scared -- of the lil 'ol PS3 and all of the fanfare. I don't think I'll live to see the day that MS outdoes SNE in game console sales nor game production, but we'll have to wait a long time from now for the final numbers to come in on that one. Hatred breeds hatred and it's self evident in the posts. All I know is that if I had my next-gen system already -- I wouldn't be on this site day and nite hunting down everything MS, I'd happily be on my PS3 gaming away late into the morning. Ahhhh.

As far as the actual interview -- it's all fluff. It states nothing new and just smacks of "KK" doin' his usual "KK-speak" with the obligatory PS3 propoganda. What else is he gonna say?

-- "yeah we really f'd up by not reserving the blu laser diodes in globs way before launch, I wish we had rumble and could launch in Europe on 1117 -- and, oh btw Killzone 2 will be out before Christmas this year." --

Uh Yeah, right... And Peter Moore is waiting in line for one right now at the wal-mart in El Segundo.

So, really this is not news. PS3 will take just as long to get up to speed as the 360 -- that's exactly what he's saying, right. This could also be seen as a decoy, in the art of war. Because IF it doesn't take as long and the games start to come along better -- quicker, then it could be a great kickoff year for SNE. And if the curve for dev's is overcome quicker than anticipated, P3 may surprise MS and casual gamers on its quick progression. Make no doubt about it. People want this system and as we've seen they're willing to pay the price ( btw the mayhem is going to be EPIC in the U.S. on launch -- stirring even more curiosity). The question is, can SNE deliver on the dazzle and get this thing up to PS2 "Greatest Hit" status faster than anticipated with all of the games to go with it, to save the company bottom line for the next 5 years? So until one of these two magical times comes to pass, the "Flame" (as bladestar calls it) won't stop. That my friends is the Real Deal.

P.S. -- C'mon Friends of Sony (old & new) and Gamers all, Please give me my bubbles back!!!


Xtrm L1481L1TY4453d ago

Yep. It is what it is my friend. MUhahahaha

Jay da 2KBalla4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

Stop trying to sugar coat this and be the sworn defender of sony. Bladestar is spot on.

LEVY: You believe that when game developers learn the system, PS3 games will be superior. When will we see the difference?

Obviously the question is in reference to the 360. Had the question been "As time goes on will ps3 games continue to get better?" Then yes it would be specifically in reference to the inital batch of ps3 titles but the question that was asked was in reference to the competition specifically the 360 and bladestars point is valid in that it seems sony will continually say bs as 360 games stay ahead of the curve of ps3 games for it is what they have been doing for a while now.

Hell COD2 looks about as good as resistance and that game was supposedly as sony fanboys like to say "rushed" and that title came out a year ago and that title was 60fps as opposed to resistance being 30fps and lets not even talk about COD3.

THAMMER14453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

Buy this time next year PS3 owners will be claiming graphics no longer matter just like they did with the PS2. Just look at how much they have had to stop yelling about since the 360 launched in 2005. They are getting owned and love it I personally have stopped caring. I'm waiting for the PS3 to give me a reason to buy it. The only one I can think of is the PS3 itself but that is not enough. I need games to make the purchase worth it.

We will not see the difference that Ken is pushing here...ever.

Remeber all of the things that PS2/3 fan boys said over the past year that they say make the 360 lame, none of what they are saying holds any weight, dose it? And then think about what dose not have to be said about the PS3 that make it lame.

Now do you feel the peace?

Now back to gears of war. PEACE

CyberSentinel4453d ago

Q: Are you worried about the high cost of PS3—$500 and $600?

A: I don't think so, because the PS2 was originally $299 in the United States. But the hard-disk drive was another $200. So the total price was almost equal to PS3's initial pricing.

----------------------------- ------------------

He neglected to mention that The PS2/HDD was never bundled together, or the fact that it was a huge failure for the PS2. Newsweek really asks the tough questions, dont they? Maybe thats why Ken took their phone call instead of a respectable "Gaming" publisher.

DJ4453d ago

it wasn't put in as standard, and didn't even have a bundle option. On top of that, it was $120.

power of Green 4453d ago

Yah! that's because a large part of PS2's fanbase were Walmart budget shopers $600 is alot of money if people didn't want to spend $120 bucks on a PS2 that they bought for $150-$200.

CyberSentinel4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

$200 dollars is what your buddy Ken quoted, not the interview. Or, are you trying to Accuse $ony of Lying?!

Please say it ain't so DJ.

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