Since Microsoft Won’t Release a Custom Titanfall Xbox One, Now You Can Make Your Own

Remember the custom Titanfall Xbox One that was allegedly considered by Microsoft and then canned due to the cost of the operation? Many loved its looks, and now you can actually turn your own Xbox One into a very similar one thanks to Unique Custom Gaming, that created a vinyl skin for the console that is very similar to that design.

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nukeitall2183d ago

The fact that it is a sticker on it, that you can tell is there is what makes it look tacky.

GearSkiN2183d ago

mhmm theres a alot of way something can be tacky

Ketzicorn2183d ago

The controller is nice but that console is hideous.

CharlesSwann2183d ago

Oh my God, that is an ugly POS.

ramiuk12183d ago

didnt think it could get any uglier

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