The Elder Scrolls Online Graphics Comparison: Ultra vs. Medium vs. Minimum

Zenimax hosted a large-scale beta test last weekend for The Elder Scrolls Online, inviting millions of players to try their upcoming MMORPG. Many elements that make Skyrim a great RPG are brought into the Elder Scrolls MMO but graphics isn't one of them.

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KrisButtar2665d ago

Min looks pretty bad but not unplayable.

brich2332665d ago

Textures could be a bit better on low. Look at the very last pic on page 2. The texture on the monster is AWFUL!!!

KrisButtar2664d ago

You mean the Argonian(the reptile npc)? All the min textures are awful IMO but that one does look more so when looking at its counter parts

sibbor2665d ago

The game runs pretty well even on low-end PC hardware. I've got old components and a low-end, although recent graphics card, and my PC runs the game pretty well. Therefore I wonder how it'll look on the PS4. 1080p60 with Ultra settings would probably be doable, but then some optimization would need to be done by Zenimax.

A bit off-topic, anyone know if the PS4 version will support:
1. add-ons?
2. keyboard and mouse?

Tried to reach Zenimax via Twitter without result.


The problem isn't the graphics (wgich are very satisfying and run well) but the bugs, tooooooo buggy and crashes many times. We also need a PS4 Beta to see how it runs.

TheGrimReaper2665d ago

Yeah, I've tried showing the game off to a friend...

I've been using /reloadui & relogs more than showing him the game :/

Funny: During the last quest at the starter isle you are told to wait for some refugees. 30 people were waiting for them. I've checked the room before the "Wait for them!"-order. They've been hold back by two invincible skeletons. It was funny to watch 30 people trying anything too kill these enemies (FYI relogging was the solution here, just in case if this bug will still be there on release. It has been around for a while now...)


I got the same problem but when spawning hate/gear/rage abominations in the gravyard. There were like 30 people waiting for them to spawn. I relogged multiple times and only one abomination showed up, the others were bugged so I spent the last 15 minutes of the Beta dancing after getting "Put your dance boots on". Lol.

KnightRobby2665d ago

Minimum is awful. But I am amazed it runs on my PC. Still, I wish I had a powerful enough PC to run it on Ultra! Thankfully, it is coming to Xbox One and PS4, which is great for console users...for the whole gaming community as well!

Now if only they would get rid of the sub fee...

webeblazing2665d ago

ultra the game looks like poop. how powerful a pc has to be to run this.

TheRealTedCruz2665d ago

Ultra, even by MMO standards, doesn't look very good.
Min doesn't even meet vanilla Morrowind in terms of visuals.

mrdeli2665d ago

I sense great peril for Bethesda and the Elder Scrolls brand.

Jojo09032665d ago

Any word on the ps4 or xb1 beta? I think I read some where the ps4 beta will start before the xb1 beta

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