Amazon PS4 Specials $39.99 With X1 Including Need 4 Speed Rivals, LEGO, COD: Ghosts and More

Amazon has revealed some new discounts on a few PS4 games along with one on Xbox One. Need for Speed Rivals is now $39.99, LEGO: Marvel Superheroes is $39.99, Call of Duty: Ghosts is back to $39.99. Vita accessories like a travel pouch on sale for half price, Wii U titles getting over 50% and more.

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iosgamer2178d ago

Prices dropping like flies this gen

Legion212178d ago

Picked up ghosts, probably going to regret it.

Patrick_pk442177d ago

Cancel it! For the love of god it is awful. I bought it for $30 and will be trading it in.

jspillen2177d ago

Ghosts is definitely not that bad... you're over-doing it. The single player campaign is solid, certainly looks gorgeous. And the multiplayer graphics have continued to improve, even if it's still a military shooter experience.