Gaming's 12 Years a Slave is Coming

You've no doubt heard that 12 Years a Slave has picked up the Academy Award for best picture, and in response Grab It Indie Games Magazine has run a story about an upcoming title called Thralled that is tackling this controversial issue on behalf of the video gaming fraternity. The magazine has published on its website a quote from the creator of Thralled, detailing what this game is doing to highlight the number of people still enslaved in the world, and why gaming is the best medium to do it.

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iosgamer2188d ago

How important is story to you guys nowadays? Is it always about the gameplay first and foremost, or do important stories like this carry their own value?

(the game might play great, I don't know, just talking aloud)

SlappingOysters2188d ago

Doesn't the success of The Walking Dead prove that story can carry a whole game nowadays?

Yui_Suzumiya2188d ago

Don't forget Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls

DCfan2188d ago

Personally, i prefer gameplay over story, Ninja Gaiden comes to mind.

FamilyGuy2188d ago

Depends on the type of game, I like a mixture of both but some game can be 100% about game play with little or no story at all and still be great. Super Stardust HD and Resogun come to mind. Then there are some games that can pull you in and make you want to keep playing just to see how the story ends regardless of game play mechanics.

For me, it's great when the game has both but having a strong version of either one can keep me interested.

Kurisu2188d ago

Never heard about this game before but read the article and was intrigued, so searched for it on youtube. Seems unique and I like the art style, I'll keep an eye on this one.

iosgamer2188d ago

I read the full feature in the mag. It sounds really different and unique. I wonder when it is due out.

Kurisu2188d ago

In the video I seen on youtube they said they're aiming for an April / May release.

mcarsehat2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

games in general are judged like gravity, not 12 years a slave. worthy to be praised, technologically innovative and brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable with the hard to watch bits being for fun, not for guilt. if this game was made before and got nothing i would agree.

Sly-Lupin2188d ago

I've always wondered at people who watch something like 12 Years A Slave and leave feeling guilty.

I'm as white as they come, and sure I was horrified--but not guilty. Or surprised, as some of my friends were. Slavery was abominable? Surely not!

Every time I hear someone mention guilt, I always imagine them to be one of those Republican pundit-types who consistently argue that slavery was beneficial for the slaves. ~__~

mcarsehat2188d ago

well it was invented by black people that enslaved black people, us crackers copied because people in general are fashionable pricks.

I didn't feel guilty, just about horrified but i just kept getting distracted by the plane marks in the sky, bad editing.

Sly-Lupin2188d ago

Did someone just blame black people for slavery, or did I hallucinate that?

Peter_Warrior2188d ago

Regardless of how good Thralled is, title is quite misleading.